CoD Ghosts: M27-IAR Camp & Defend Class Setup

Want to camp it out hard in Call of Duty: Ghosts? Or just be a great defender in objective-based gametypes like Domination and Blitz? This M27-IAR class setup is designed for holding down strategic locations. The powerful M27 LMG coupled with the right perks and attachments makes for an extremely deadly class.

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redcar1211638d ago

Thanks dude working great

I4arted1638d ago

The game is pure trash and so are the weapons.Smg class is utterly useless.
Use to be a huge fan but not anymore after this release.After playing the Titanfall alpha all I can say is come on March.

Alduin1638d ago

While I agree this isn't the best CoD you are insanely wrong about SMGs. The MTAR-X and Vector CRB destroy in close to mid range engagements. You just have to be quick and accurate.