How likely is Nintendo's Fusion?

Will Nintendo replace the ailing Wii U with a super-powerful console *and* handheld next year? Our intrepid investigator Will isn't convinced

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MeknSence1666d ago

The only one that can debunked this rumor would be Nintendo.

rjguess1666d ago

Not going to happen. Stop with these stupid rumors, hate, and lies against the Wii U. Just read an article about Watch Dogs being cancelled for the Wii U at games stops. That is a lie. If you don't have hard core facts then leave your junk in the trash and don't spread it.

Metallox1666d ago

It's going to happen, but until 3-4 years more.

muttsurini1666d ago

Lol it's obvious that this will never happen immediately.

Kennytaur1666d ago

I'll be surprised if Nintendo release a new system before 2017.

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