9 Legendary Movie Actors Who’ve Starred In Video Games

Yesterday it was announced that John Cleese, Bill Nighy, Kate Beckinsale, Malcolm McDowell and Michael Gambon would all be among the star-studded voice cast for forthcoming fantasy game Elder Scrolls Online.

But though Hollywood A-Listers are increasingly turning their talents to the games industry, these actors are far from the first big-name movie stars to get involved. Here are 9 of the most esteemed and iconic figures to have taken the plunge.

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Hellsvacancy1702d ago

No love for the Illusive Man?

shodan741702d ago

Good call! Was amazing to see Martin Sheen taking on that role.

BluEx6101702d ago

No love for Samuel L. Jackson in this? Even though he only did like 5 video games, he deserves a spot. GTA SA, Lego Star Wars, The Incredibles, Afro Samurai, and Iron Man 2. Guess he's not a legendary actor.... /s

Also S/O to Ellen Page, Keither Sutherland, Vin Diesel, Elijah Wood, Seth Green, Tara Strong, David Hayter, George Takai, and Mark Hamill.

II__BONE__II1702d ago

Wait,...John Goodman is a "Legendary" movie actor???
I'll be back in a few hours after I stop laughing.

XisThatKid1702d ago

I don't want to jump to conclusion but this maybe amiss to because of your age. If I'm wrong than sorry and your just familiar with the mans work.

Last_Boss1702d ago

R U crazy, John Goodman is a stellar actor.

Lord_Sloth1702d ago

What about Lucas Lee!? He's an A lister, brah!

Last_Boss1702d ago

Takeshi Kaneshiro & Jean Reno in Onimusha 3

deadfrag1702d ago

I really miss Onimusha!

akurtz1702d ago

hate the "what about this person?! Or that person!? really, this guy?!!?! Haha" ITS AN OPINION PIECE

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