Nintendo's failure linked to technology, game sales, and indie developers

Where did Nintendo go wrong? Recent stock price drops and Nintendo's own sales forecast changes show that the company that Mario built is having a rough time of it. Will Harrison thinks that the real reasons for Nintendo's failings come from being afraid of technology, digital distribution, and an unwillingness to assist independent game developers.

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maniacmayhem1698d ago

This article makes some excellent points. Points I have said in the past.

Nintendo plays by their own rules and refuses to change with he times. I remember reading a while back that Nintendo didn't buy into the whole internet, multiplayer craze because the Japanese don't like to play together, they like single player aspect of games. When I read that I knew Nintendo was in trouble.

They were too focused on their own market and failed to see what the world wanted.

Also they continue to make systems that fit their type of games perfectly. The N64 controller was great, for their games, but any other game that didn't fir the Mario 64 scheme played like crap.

Gamecube's controller as well, worked great when playing Nintendo games. But try playing any other game, especially a port from Dreamcast, Xbox or PS2 and you would be fighting mad.

The Wii was a success but again it alienated all other types of games. Games that defined that generation like Bioshock, GTA, CoD(which was terrible on the Wii). The Wii's fad faded and the system dropped off the map in it's last few years. I personally hated the Wii, it was a slap in the face for a person who wanted a true system like the SNES days. It had some great games here and there but all in all it was a waste of money.

Nintendo needs to look at the competition. To sit there and say they are not competing with Sony or MS is a bold face lie and a sign of weakness. It's obvious that Nintendo is playing catch up to MS/Sony. They have missed the current trend boat with three of their consoles now and the WiiU makes it four.

This next system has to come out the gate with all the bells and whistles the PS4/Xbox One provides PLUS added features that separates their console from the rest.

Kos-Mos1697d ago

You`re nothing but a fanboy trying to make room for silly propaganda.

Kryptix1697d ago

Nintendo once openly said that they weren't trying to compete with the other consoles, they were doing it their own way without borrowing ideas...and look what's happening.

Nintendo is a prime example of what can happen if you don't realize what the competition is can really hurt progress. Hope that Nintendo gets back up on their feet in the console market and try to incorporate features and advantages the competition are well known for with their next console.

lilbroRx1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

@Kryptix, Look at what happened? They made the highest selling games franchises on Earth, 4 back to back hit game machines, record breaking profits and are now worth more than Sony.

This article is a load bull with a fictitiou clickbait headline. Nintendo has in no way failed. The 3DS is still the best selling system worldwide. The Wii U is simply having a hard time getting up do to lack of regular major software releases.

maniacmayhem1697d ago

Yes I am a fanboy, of Nintendo fanboy. No one wants to see their dominance return more than I do. I think Nintendo is one of the last companies to make arcade style fun that brings back nostalgia of my young game playing days.

There machines have been successes, but everything that I have stated from the N64 and on, has led them to the current failure that is the WiiU.

N4g_null1696d ago

If you are a fan of Nintendo then you come off as desperate. Online play is a crutch, being like your competitors let's a company like ms compete with Sony without having any real 1st party studios. Ms and Sony are basically the same company. They get the same exclusives game type wise then the 3rd party just ports. Cap after crap.

The 3ds proves Nintendo knows what they are doing. If steam os or something else comes up to deliver better ports then ms and Sony are dead in the water... they are truly still poor people platforms.

Kryptix1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )


lol I was talking about the Wii U failing as a home console, not Nintendo as a whole. And sales of this new gen will prove that so don't lie to me that it's doing good.

Sorry that you misunderstood, but I did specifically say, "hope that Nintendo gets back up on their feet in the console market" in the second part of my comment. Not my fault you couldn't read my comment properly but I do agree with you, 3DS is booming with support and doing really well for Nintendo but the Wii U needs more work and many can agree with needs more 3rd party support and new IPs.

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RPG_Lover1697d ago

This article makes little sense. COnsidering Nintendo was the top company in terms of hardware/software, game reviews in 2013.

mii-gamer1697d ago

The article is desperately reaching.

From the article

"considering their poor relationship with indie developers around the world and the small selection of games they offer on their service, the snub might be for the best. Nintendo doesn’t seem interested in growing the next generation of developers and is more concerned with what kind of suit they’ll put Mario in next."

Wrong straight off the bat and i got all this quote from a simple google search. The Author should do his research before publishing, because informed individuals can catch your bullshit.

trine 2 developer:

"Nintendo is making an effort to really reach out to companies like ourselves [...] and giving us a good environment to work in."

Wales interactive

"I can honestly say that Nintendo have been brilliant all across the board for us. Since we approached them to potentially make games for the Wii U they have been very supportive and really open to working with indie companies."


"Nintendo has been a joy to work with and everyone goes above and beyond to make sure you are successful. The process has been pretty smooth so far, even considering I have no prior experience in console development."

Nyamyam co-founder Phil Tossell

“Nintendo’s approach is slightly different. I think Nintendo are actively seeking indies, but that they’re looking for quality, experienced developers that they can maybe form a longer term relationship with. I get the feeling that they don’t want a free for all like the App Store, rather a more curated experience. Quality over quantity.

Dakko Dakko studio director Rhodri Broadbent

“Certainly in our experience Nintendo has been every bit as helpful as the other platform holders. They don’t shout very loudly about it, but they are working hard behind the scenes to make their platforms as welcoming as possible.”

Red Thread Games founder and creative director Ragnar

“I don’t think Nintendo gets enough credit for their indie efforts. There are a lot of intriguing indie titles on the eShop, and they’re obviously passionate about increasing the variety of range of games available. They’re still lagging a bit behind Sony in terms of indie support, but I think that has more to do with how closed their hardware has been in the past, rather than a lack of willingness and engagement from their developer relations.”
“Despite the slow start, I do believe that both the 3DS and the Wii U have a healthy and exciting indie future ahead of them, and we’d love to be a part of that.”

Knapnok’s Lau Korsgaard

“One of Sony’s core messages at E3 was their support of indies and at the same convention Microsoft got a lot of criticism for not featuring independent game developers as prominently. Meanwhile Nintendo is just doing the right thing without making a big fuss about it. They work on establishing genuine human relationships with the indies. They are working on making their tools easily accessible and free and provide equipment for you and are super encouraging in general.”

Furthermore, anyone who owns a Wii U can tell you that the eShop has a fantastic library of Indie games. And his other points are confusing. SMH

norman1231697d ago

nice research. show me indie games on wii U that is worth playing? like minecraft on xbox 360.

hduce1697d ago

Have you even been on the Wii U eshop? There are a lot of cool indie games on there and the library is only going to grow.

hduce1697d ago

Maybe mii-gamer should write his own article. He definitely did more research than the person that wrote this opinion piece.

Moncole1697d ago

It seems Nintendo cares more about indie devs than big publishers.

wonderfulmonkeyman1697d ago

Not exactly a bad thing, considering most of the big publishers are either too scared of low sales to try or wouldn't do anything but a bad port anyways.[with a few small exceptions like Platinum and Ubisoft]

Moncole1697d ago

Not saying its a bad thing

cleft51697d ago

More research went into you comment than this crap article. Great job.

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filchron1697d ago

they could have put more into the tech thats for sure. a "mature themed" zelda tech demo working with 4gbs of ram that had some short of new effects blending would have had gamers salivating and pre-ordering like crazy, however what they showed was barely better than twilight princess. there wasnt even reflections in link's shield, even the red sheild in OoT had some kind of shimmery reflective effect that hypnotized me when i was little. its 2014 ffs, i remember when nintendo used to innovate and inspire awe in its graphics AND gameplay.

KonsoruMasuta1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Zelda has already worked with mature themes. Twilight Princes was T for teen and that's as far a Zelda should go. Anything more will ruin the feel of the franchise.

And what do you mean "what they showed"? They haven't showed us any part of the new Zelda game coming to WiiU.

Arkworthy1697d ago

Lot of Nintendo Shilling in here. To be expected for N4G.

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