The New Epilogue To Final Fantasy X Makes Me Hopeful For A New Game

Kotaku: In addition to its massive graphical upgrade, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster is filled with bosses, dungeons, and side quests never before seen outside of Japan. But there is one thing included that is completely new: a 30-minute audio drama that has me hoping for Final Fantasy X-3.

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DragonKnight1669d ago

If they make an FFX-3 then it HAS to be about Auron, Jecht and Braska. Toriyama screwed us over for that the first time and went with FF Charlie's Angels, he'd better not screw up a second time. My money is that he will screw up anyway because there are 3 FF13 games that all suck.

sephiroth4201669d ago

init, if its anything but that then i dont think it will work, be careful what you wish for because square might just screw it right up.

Pozzle1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Even though I thought FFX-2 was fun, I'll forever be disappointed that the sequel wasn't a full-blown RPG that focused on the aftermath of Sin and the ramifications of destroying Spira's major religion/god; how Spira's societies would have had to rebuild themselves around different belief and moral systems, how the summoners and guardians would have coped after their entire life worth of training was made redundant, how the religious enthusiasts handled their belief system being smashed to pieces, how people responded to no longer needing to live their lives in fear, and so on.

There could have been an incredible story there. One that rivaled FFX's story.
Instead we got dress-ups, sphere hunting, and mini games.:/

Godmars2901669d ago

But the real, major, issue was that the basic framework of Yu Yevon's cult was not only still in place, but lead by the undead. That more than likely, with not much effort, they could have recreated Sin.

pompombrum1669d ago

Do we even want a FFX-3 under the current Square-Enix? They'd find a way to screw it up or somehow include Lightning in it.

DragonKnight1669d ago

@Pozzle: Your idea certainly would have been better than what we got. I always found it to be odd that FFX-2 happens only 2 years after FFX and it seems that as soon as Sin died everyone just went about their business as though nothing really happened. No aftermath, no real repercussions, just business as usual really.

What irks me is that FFX-2 was originally supposed to be a prequel but Toriyama though that it was "too traditional" and so we go Charlie's Angels.

@aiBreeze: They probably would try to put Lightning in it. She is Toriyama's Waifu.

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hkgamer1668d ago

would be great with auron, jecht and braska. but however we kow their story and they failed so they are probably weaker in a way.
ffx-2 style is probably a bad choice and dissapointing to fans of the original, but it kinda fits the world they live in and shows how much yuna has changed. the battle system was also great, even better than the ffx system. however the dress spheres sailormoon style just made it feel akward to play.
basically good ideasbut bad execution.

for x-3, the only original character i can think of would be tidus. didnt 100% x-2 so i don't know the whole story on what happened to tidus. but maybe they can focus the story on what happened to him. or atleast have it as a sub character side story.

DragonKnight1668d ago

They didn't fail. They defeated Sin in the traditional sense.

The battle system wasn't better than FFX.

hkgamer1668d ago


oh yeah, totally forgot about that. been too long since i played it. actually its kinda stupid that i thought they lost since w
jecht was sin. XD

i still think that having a prequel is not a good idea, unless they somehow pull off a crisis core and add enough strong enemies to make zack look as strong as cloud.actualy they could make it an action RPG they would be amazing.

LAWSON721668d ago

Why play as an other summoner and their guardians? Their whole story has been pretty well covered and they took the exact same journey as Yuna. **Spoilers** Jecht becomes Sin. Braska dies doing the final summon. Auron looks after Yuna. They do what is required of them while in FFX you actually put an end to Sin and Yuna is not sacrificed. I dont even think they fight Sin, because he is to be godlike and the only way to stop him is by doing the final summon.

I have not FFX2 so if there are any huge plot changes I do not know about them

DragonKnight1668d ago

Why? Because that's what people wanted to do after beating FFX, because that's what it was going to be until Toriyama changed his mind, because it isn't about the fact that we know how their story ends; it's about how they grow together and how their bond forms together.

You're telling me that you wouldn't like a game where we get to see how Jecht comes to accept his fate, and how he reacts to life in Spira? Or how Auron is as his younger, less experienced self after being cast out of the Warrior Monks? What about how Braska is considered a traitor of Yevon right away because he's married to an Al Bhed woman? You don't want to see how Spira may treat him?

Also, Auron doesn't look after Yuna. While almost dead, he meets Kimahri and ask Kimahri to take Yuna to Besaid and it's Kimahri that looks after Yuna.

You don't think that Braska, Auron, and Jecht fight Sin? The only way for Jecht to have become Sin is for him to have defeated Sin and forced Yu Yevon to come out, Yu Yevon then possesses the body of Braska's Final Aeon and changes it into Sin. So yes, they did fight Sin and only Auron survived the encounter.

LAWSON721668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

You had some fair points I will give you that but I would rather see a new FF with completely different mechanics than FFX with those different mechanics. Square seems to be experimenting and something like a classic FF should remain traditional and keep the feel of the original. I doubt they would make it cater only to fans so I doubt they would have the old school fixed camera and anything complicated would probably be thrown out the window because Square nowadays only cares about sales.

You point out all these interesting character development points but I dont think I would want to do everything single temple(cant remember what they are called exactly) and areas to unlock every aeon. I cannot remember but was the world alot different before FFX, I dont think iot would be considering Sin attacked every certain number of years. Maybe the only interesting thing would be maybe some new enemies (mostly bosses) but those come with every FF

DragonKnight1668d ago

The journey would probably be the same, but who's to say that they couldn't change up the gameplay? We could also see teenage Wakka, Lulu, and Chappu; maybe play Blitzball as Jecht, we could see what the operation was 10 years before Operation Mi'hen. There's vast potential there.

SE isn't experimenting with traditional or classic FF anymore. As long as Toriyama is in control of anything, it will progress to less and less player involvement and more linear, shooter style progression. He's stated a number of times that he's a fan of players having less impact on a story and less control. That's not traditional FF and I don't think we'll be seeing traditional FF on consoles ever again.

LAWSON721668d ago

Well that is sad to hear. I am fine with less impact on story because FF usually has an amazing story and letting players impact that story with different choices would really deteriorate the great stories they create. Games like ME show the limitations of a game and demands of gamers when they get control of the story. However less control it really depends on how the game is made (a good game needs to stick with either linear or nonlinear both have positives and negatives, I think the upcoming MGS GZ is going to be a great example)

Toriyama seems to want FF to be a story driven experience because for the most part that is what FF13 was. Some people like to explore a world and learn about it where they can put the story on hold. There is no reason they could not attempt that for a reason like sales. Open world RPGs are popular because of the freedom they provide and they sell like hotcakes. There is no reason they cannot do both.

ANy word on if FFXV is non-linear or linear because this Nomura's game? I expect quite a different experience.

DragonKnight1668d ago

The thing is, past FF games were a decent mixture of less control and more exploration. It wasn't to the point where you had no control over when you could level up (FF13) and a world that was far too linear. It had linear moments for story progression, but with exploration mixed in as well, and even back tracking further into the game. This is part of what made FF great and Toriyama just wants to make ATB gameplay with corridors and checkpoint leveling for an FF game and that's just wrong.

And no, I don't believe so. But Nomura and the KH team are on FFXV so it's likely the game will progress similarly to KH.

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ej0819941669d ago

I just hope it's novella isn't actually official cuz if they base the next game through it it'll be a wreck. the novella is just so screwed up :))

rageus1669d ago

The community over at gamefaqs seems to differ... They hate just about anything lol

Lord_Sloth1669d ago

Yeah, but it just wouldn't be as funny if they stopped being so anti-everything. XXXD

RandomGamer1669d ago

The one thing that is hurting me is compared to the original's music which is so good the rearrangements of the music in the hd remaster are just average at best .

ErryK1669d ago

I'm of the unpopular opinion that the X-2.5 novella brought much needed change to FFX. I am getting tired of these light-hearted games. I want something dark in FF now, and the novella is the closest we're getting.

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