Yearly Blockbuster Gaming or Yearly Lackluster Gaming?

TechRaptor - Blockbuster gaming is something that is as big, if not bigger than movies are at this day in age. It seems like every year gamers are getting spoiled by an abundance of great new titles. While the gaming industry continues to grow with more gamers, the industry demand more AAA titles at a higher rate than in the past. This may sound like the perfect storm however I think in time it will hurt the game industry due to lack of innovation. As a gamer I want to see more of my favorite titles more often, or at least I thought I did. Over the years I have lost the urge to play certain triple a titles, there are two titles that stand out for me that are developing this lack of innovation, some will agree with my opinion and most will not. Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty are the two blockbuster titles. Now please, do not start ranting and raving because I am talking about two of the biggest franchises in gaming, it is just how I feel and this is why.

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