Oniki Gameplay Video MMORPG PlayStation 4

Cover up a little. Check out the latest promo gameplay video of Oniki which is a MMORPG game from japan coming to PlayStation 4. No word on if the game is coming to other regions other than Japan. Perhaps if it collects enough of an audience we could see it being translated and brought over by Atlus.

The Oniki, it is MMO action RPG fighting to make full use of various weapons. In addition to the party play between players of MMORPG unique, eight share someone a journey you can fight together in Tsuredashi the fellow.

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DanielGearSolid1669d ago

MMO's like this will help the Ps4 in china

HighResHero1669d ago

Fun Anime world and I'm interested in seeing how this turns out!

TM3331669d ago

Heck, I'd play it, for a little bit anyway.