Why PlanetSide 2 PS4 was missing from SOE's development roadmap

GameZone writes, "Earlier this week, Sony Online Entertainment posted a development roadmap for future features heading to PlanetSide 2. While there was tons of intriguing content, missing from the roadmap was any sort of mention of the PlayStation 4 version of PlanetSide 2. The lack of details, coupled with SOE President John Smedley's remarks that the studio isn't "ready to talk dates yet," led to some worries that PlanetSide 2 won't be ready for the "early 2014" PS4 launch promised a while back. Turns out, though, there's actually not much cause for concern reguarding no mention of the PS4 version."

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rebeljoe141703d ago

Everything takes time, and seeing as this is a 2000 player per server kinda game its not surprising

3-4-51703d ago

IT's fun but gets boring after a month or so.

It's a GREAT in between game though and it's FREE.

This & War Thunder should both be pretty popular on PS4.

jocomat91703d ago

Im eager to hear and see more on this game. Hopefully production is going well.

Dojan1231703d ago

I need to get back into this game. It is fun but a number of the people I play with left after the performance was not fixed. I understand it is much better today on the PC.

MysticStrummer1703d ago

I want some damn PS4 footage.

WorldGamer1703d ago

This game is very ambitious, I would rather them take their time and release something solid, rather than rush something out and pull a BF4.

Plus, they are F2P, so I think a solid product is key to not turn potentially paying customers off.

Can't wait to try this out on the PS4.

Pandamobile1703d ago

Well the game's already been out for over a year on PC, so I'd assume they've got everything ironed out on the server side.

WorldGamer1703d ago

I wouldn't be surprised, but event without having major technical understanding of the video game creation process, logic would dictate to me that with new hardware (PS$), PSN implementation maybe with PS4 specific dedicated servers, the sheer size of the game which I don't believe has ever been attempted on a console before, MAG coming to mind.

All the factors listed above, taken in aggregate, would create a situation where delays may be possible. As I sated above, with the F2P model of this game, it would seem that getting the game good and stable on the hardware, as well as the network would be their top priority.

I guess you wanted to chime in, but I don't believe that the game being out for a year on PC would nullify potential issues of getting it up an running on the PS4 and PSN. Maybe you were just making a general statement unrelated to the article or my comment.

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