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MMOsite: My biggest complaint is what THEY COULD HAVE DONE! Square Enix has a Super Nintendo game called Star Ocean. That games has voice scripting, interesting story, and hard puzzles that involve interaction based on deep dungeon design. Square have all these resources to make an epic game on 4 discs of the Playstation engine. They could have done voice, story, and FF7-like scale. Instead they used all the resources for the stage. That is, the looks and cut scenes. Ignoring intelligent design in story and plot. Lack of character development, and overall a mass fail of combat.

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Xof1640d ago

Poorly written review with poorly articulated opinion.
Only saving grace is the somewhat amusing stupidity of the guy's gross ignorance of Square's history.

gamernova1640d ago

I'm not even going to read this article. No, just no.

Linsolv1639d ago

"No character development" lol

Only if you skip all the dialog. The characters are patchy as hell -- some are really interesting and others (here's looking at you, Irvine) are not.

But the main characters pretty much all develop and round out as the story goes on. Keep in mind, this is a story about teenagers and their hormones, mostly. It's easier to understand the story then.