The Survival Horror Classic 'Phantasmagoria' Is Getting A Live-Action Film Adaptation

BD writes: "In news that I’m just a wee bit late finding, the classic point-and-click psychological horror game “Phantasmagoria” is getting a low budget live-action film adaptation, courtesy of indie film studio Black Castle Productions."

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Neonridr1669d ago

I still have this game.. lol. I used to love playing games like this, 7th Guest, etc.

The good ol' days of very bad acting using FMV on fake backgrounds..

Pozzle1668d ago

Not gonna lie...a part of me misses the style of old PC games with live-action actors. They were cheesy as hell, but I loved them when I was little. :D

One of my favorites was a Goosebumps game where Jeff Goldblum played a vampire. Poor guy must have needed to pay off some debts or something. haha.