New Thief PS4 gameplay & preview – how’s Garrett’s return shaping up? | OPM

OPM: In its current state, Thief doesn’t make a lot of sense. I’m not talking about the cartoonishly evil villains who shoot lackeys in the face for sport (good lackeys are hard to find), or Garrett’s incongruous aversion to murder but total readiness to rob the City’s starving poor of their last copper coin. What doesn’t make sense is how two­ and­ a ­half years after Deus Ex: Human Revolution, developers Eidos Montreal have made a game that ­ less than a month before release has taken several steps backwards from Adam Jensen’s excellent cyberpunk stealth­-em-­up.

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starchild1634d ago

I think it looks pretty good. Although the framerate looks pretty janky in this video.

combatcash1634d ago

So is the point of the game to steal things? Does it have a story? Would be nice if it was in 3rd person. Looks a bit boring.

MestreRothN4G1634d ago

Yup, instead of stealing 5 hard and valuable items worth 100 bucks, you gather 100 cheap items for the same value lying around tables unprotected.

This looks boring and terribly designed.

Won't buy.

imtheman20131634d ago

I think that if a person goes into this game expecting it to be like Dishonored, then they will be disappointed. Dishonored was a fantastic game, and I think Thief will be a great game as well, but for far different reasons.

In Dishonored, the player is basically thrown into these sandbox levels in which they can go in hell bent on destruction and whatnot, or they can sneak their way through. They do either of these things while finding hidden secrets, collectibles, and side-stories.

Thief, on the other hand, is a purely stealth game. I don't think that Eidos Montreal is trying to market it otherwise either. And this article comparing it to Deus Ex: Human Revolution in saying, "Where Deus Ex gave you choice in how
to approach its objectives, in Thief you
either play by Garrett’s rules or go home" is pretty unfair. Deus Ex is all about choice and how one completes missions, whether through passive conversation, stealth, or violence. Thief has never been about any of that. It's been about one thing: stealth.

So I think that going into this game with some notion that it will be accessible for someone who doesn't want a pure-stealth game is, frankly, a little ridiculous. I love stealth games, and I think that this "reboot" of Thief will give me the stealth experience that I desire.

Redrum0591634d ago

Agreed, looking forward to playing this game,but I could understand why some would be turned away from this game. Graphics are pretty but they could have done better.

-Foxtrot1634d ago

They f***** this up and they are going to ship out a mess

You know I'm glad it's called Thief means in the far future they can ignore this game and do Thief 4....with Stephen Russell

KillrateOmega1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

"A mess"? I think you might be jumping the gun a bit.

Roccetarius1634d ago

Yeah, the previews of this game speaks ill of it, and i can see why some design decisions makes it a worse experience.

The herd won't realize that before playing it.

Knightshade1634d ago

The previews from October of last year speak ill of it. The recent ones do not. Crunch time can make all the difference.