Thief: Another Way Into the Manor

Check out this alternative entrance into the architect's mansion, along with some new thieving mechanics.

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Yi-Long914d ago (Edited 914d ago )

I'm interested in the game, cause I love stealth games, and this could be the very first Thief game I'll play, but is there a reason why Garrett looks so.... terrible... face-wise!?

Shadonic914d ago (Edited 914d ago )

you should try the older splinter-cells I'm definitely looking into picking this up or maybe hold off until PS plus puts it on there.

Yi-Long914d ago

I played and loved the original 3 Splinter Cell games back when they came out. The HD trilogy is even on sale as we speak on the EU PSN. ;)

AnEwGuY914d ago

Hey, about you release the f-ing game already, and let US figure out how many ways there are into the mansion?

jetlian914d ago

what year is this set in? looks like old mixed with new