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Garrett snuffs out a candle flame as he stalks through the closed jewelry shop, inches away from a snoring guard. While the jeweler toils in his basement and his wife basks by the fire, Garrett slips silently from room to room, rifling through drawers and pocketing valuable trinkets. Thief on PS4 is at its best when Garrett is left to his own devices, enabling players to vault through windows and pry open cabinets as the master thief himself.

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GarrusVakarian1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

I just can't make up my mind if i want to pay full price for this or let it drop to around £30. But im such a sucker for stealth games....gahhh, first world problems.

Have they said how long the game will be?

Meltic1702d ago

He said that u could run though the game in 4 hours if u dont do side quests. There are only 4 chapters...

GarrusVakarian1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )


wynams1702d ago

No way I'm getting this until it hits $10 or less.

4 hours is ridiculous short

Meltic1702d ago

iknow im allso waiting for march instead for other ps4 games so my ps4 wont be ''dusted off'' until then hehe

thekhurg1702d ago

Thankfully, renting console games is an option.

Meltic1702d ago

agree. Rent it for a whole day and u have finished the game hehe

CrossingEden1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Who said it was four hours long? You do realize that all of these previews are of the FIRST four hours right? No one said that it was ONLY four hours long. -_-

DarKnightDave1702d ago

I thought about getting this, but now not so much. I'm glad I bought Skyrim the other day. It will keep me over till MGS: Ground Zeroes comes out, and The Last of Us dlc will be out on Valentines Day, so...this sounds like a definite wait for the bargain bin buy or free on ps+.