Thief Preview (Strategy Informer)

From "It’s not too much of an understatement to say that many people are very sceptical about Eidos Montreal’s reboot of Thief. In fact a lot of gamers are downright hostile towards it. The reasons for this are numerous, but suffice to say: they haven’t liked what they’ve seen. Whether it’s the mentions of linear maps, action-based quick-time events, on-rails escapes, brainless AI, a skill-less Focus Mode, or a lack of the series’ mainstays like the supernatural, Hammerites, Stephen Russell or even the word “taffer”, it seems poor Thief can’t catch a break. With the release date of February coming up fast we felt it was important to get a proper hands-on with the game to see if these concerns were still valid. So that’s what we did.".

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