Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Screenshot Comparison - PC vs PS3 vs PS4

GearNuke: "Take a look at this screenshot comparison between Tomb Raider on the PC, PS3 and PS4."

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Jughead34161699d ago

Definitive Edition looks better. Clearly. I'm sure if they wanted to, PC could get the same treatment also of course, but as it stands now, looks like the best version will be on PS4. And to me it's worth the price tag, because I've never played this game before. Glad I waited

TheMadHatter1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

What annoys me is that whenever something looks near or on par with PC, their fanboys get insane that a $400-$500 machine looks as good as their $1500 rig and continue to call console gamers peasants and all that. PC fanboys don't realise how insecure they are. And yes I do own this game in PC. Just can't stand its fanboys.

sweendog1699d ago

I like how they have been claiming they have had next Gen for the last 3 years.

Rageanitus1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

It is more like console only players are insecure. To a PC gamer cost to the machine is NOT so much of a concern because a PC is NOT just a gaming machine. Yes you can build a PC gaming machine around gaming, but I can assure you a lot of money is put into it not just focuses on gaming. Not only that games cost much cheaper than console games.

And this is where your wrong a $1500 dollar machine destroys an 400>500$ console. Do you research before throwing these numbers.

In terms of tomb raider specifically the game is classified as OLD and quite honestly the graphics jump do not justify the 50$ extra markup. This is a cash grab scenario simple as that.

Just look at recent metal gear solid that release on PC, I am sure the developers knew that PC crowd will not pay full 50$ price for the game..... hence the reason why we saw the game on sale for 18$ on prelaunch!

I play on both consoles and PC and quite honestly when it comes to consoles I always feel the need to wait for the next up coming gaming after finishing a game. PC gaming not so much cuz I have a huge back log of games from those steam sales.

Had tomb raider been a console exclusive remake even at 45 dollars it would be hard to swallow IMO. The price for exclusive remakes should be at 35>40$. And guess what this is not a console exclusive!

webeblazing1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

everything you said doesnt make sense, and take a good look on this site. its a common thing for ps fanboys to be insecure thats maybe why yall throw the word out there as much as they do. but you cant stand the fanboys

it was posted many time they got the pics mixed up for the first pic. the screen shot your impressed with is the pc vers. and AA isnt enabled on pc. dont know what you mean about the lighting, the shadows and textures dont look impressive in the ps4 screenshots. but people should wait to the games finish to judge dont really see why people so hyped up about this.

Aleithian1699d ago


The pics weren't mixed up. The idea that they were has been rebutted below in comments. The original neogaf post is clear as to which is which. The same issue is raised in comments at the link. The pics marked PS4 ARE PS4 screen-grabs. And regarding the first pic, that the pic marked "PS4" is the PS4 shot is clear from her face.

Beyond that, there's really nothing more I can say if anyone insists that the PC pics are better than the PS4 pics. The evidence is right there. Maybe if you bump up resolution and AA or whatever on the PC it'll come out better. If so, I really don't care - I can't see that at the link, and I'm not willing to fork over the cash for that sort of gaming PC.

BattleAxe1699d ago

@ Rageanitus

Well said, and I agree completely.

gapecanpie1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

lol if you really believe that then I feel sorry for you .... PC version still cr*p* all over the PS4 version at a higher constant frame rate and resolution and dont even get me started on the aliasing

$1500???? Lmao you clearly don't know what you are talking about....

awi59511699d ago

It's not the pc guys or the xbox guys running into every topic of every system trolling, its the PS fanboys that do that. And destroy others with disagrees if anyone says anything against PS. Its a playstation site and you can tell by the disagrees anyone other than a PS fanboy gets.

You should have to declare your system on this site and the other fanboys are locked out of your area.

MethCupcakes1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

This is the exact reason why when I was contemplating building a gaming PC last week over buying a PS4 I said, "F*ck it." If I can't even game on my MacBook without running in to some asshole from the PC gaming community. Why on earth would I want spend money on something where I'd be harassed daily by a toxic community." This is solely the reason why I don't game on PC aside from playing Minecraft, ARMA or L4D2. For the naysayers who'll just straight-up give me disagrees, take your fan-boy goggles of and really look around you. It's disgusting. *Edit: See what I mean? Look at these comments. Nothing but @$$holes, say one thing and doesn't make an inanimate object seem G-d like and they start frothing at the mouth. Just another case of "My choice of entertainment is better than your choice of entertainment. Even though we're looking/doing the same thing."

Irishguy951698d ago

@Sweendog, the PC version was held back by consoles

Also, expect to see the true definitive edition on PC next

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Aleithian1699d ago

Honestly, I can't believe how good this looks on PS4. I was planning to get it anyway, but this confirmed my choice. Far superior to the PC version. Just a few highlights: lighting, foliage, hair, water mapping, face, depth perception, clarity, richness of environment.

combatcash1699d ago

Far superior? lol you don't know what you're talking about, It looks good maybe even a bit better than the pc version but definitely not "far superior".

Aleithian1699d ago


I cited specific areas that I saw improvement, that warranted my claim. You cited nothing. Anyone looking at these pictures can see that the improvement is more than a simple retexture and change of face. Foliage is thicker. Trees and rocks are more complex. Lighting is improved. Etc etc. I listed them above. This game has undergone a significant change.

combatcash1699d ago

It wont be worth the price tag after you play it. It's a nice game but not worth the $60.00 they are asking for.

spatt1699d ago

I agree it's worth something just not the $60. I will pick it up in about 5 or 6 months during the gaming lull.

ambientFLIER1699d ago

Really? If you never played it before, a brand new and beautiful tomb raider isn't worth that to you?

Bobby Kotex1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

This is a $9 Amazon download on PC, so feel free to pay $60 for some graphics upgrades and DLC for a mediocre multiplayer. And YES i'm a PS4 owner.

Rageanitus1699d ago

I am a PS4 owner owner also! Part of me feels I got into it too early, and tomb raider is NOT a system seller given we already played the game last year.

This is a cash grab scenario, I just feel the developers are taking advantage of the scenario because the new consoles are really starving for games.

My console is only a netflix player now... and sorry KZ felt medicore, and COD was OK. The rest of the games are multiplatform or myeh.

psman0121699d ago

It does look better, but I hate how they changed Lara's face. It looked much more natural before, now it's like..anime or something. I don't know, that's the only real drawback I see of the Definitive Edition.

BallsEye1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

The enviroments look way better in old PC build. Look at the tree Lara is holding. Only thing that looks better in DE is normal maps on her skin. It's a trade off, not an upgrade. Last picture with zoom on face is unfair comparison where at pc version she was currently out of focus thanks to depth of field. Also check out the picture when guy is hanging in high res. Hair look way better in PC version and also despite ps4 version being 1080p, pc version somehow look way sharper (tree better in ps4 ver tho). See pics in high res. Can't believe people don't see this. It is disappointing. I'm more of a console gamer but did play this on my PC in 1080p and maxed out and had over 70 fps at all times. My PC is not that new even (3 years old)

NeoTribe1699d ago

Nope. Ps4 looks better all around. Stop making up stuff. Just let it marinate that ps4 produces better graphics than your pc :)

BallsEye1699d ago

Not sure if you noticed but I said I'm more of a console gamer. I'm a 3d/2d artist and I spend 10 hours a day by PC at work. After that, I'd rather sit on a couch and play on a console with my wife.

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lonelyplayer1699d ago

Wow ps4 looks much better. I never thought the difference was gonna be this big.

BattleTorn1699d ago

Same. I didn't think the PS4 would have such an improvement over the PC.

Pintheshadows1699d ago

I imagine that on a TV in front of your visual balls it will look even better than these screens show. Much like AC4 on next gen isn't done justice in screenshots.

Bathyj1699d ago

That seems to be a new trend. Screen shots and YouTube videos are not good enough to show off what you'll actually be playing with next gen games.

Pintheshadows1699d ago

Exactly, AC4 really blew me away. The screens and videos I saw do not do it justice at all. It is stunning and the difference between current and next gen is very large. No more mangled LoD.

Truehellfire1699d ago

Youtube is the biggest culprit. When a trailer comes out for a game, try to find a file to download directly. Sure you can't watch it till it completely downloads, but it looks much better than streaming it.

TM3331699d ago

I just got AC4 on PS4 and was wowed as well. I put it to the test on Remote Play on Vita, and was double stunned. Even though I've played through half of TR on a 360, I'd like the PS4 version, if nothing else, to use with Remote Play LMAO. Great for bedtime while the wife is playing Candy Crush.

Software_Lover1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

I'm sorry, but my pc version is not blurry as those pics. Wow talk about "picking your screenshots".

edit: Now in the first pick you can still see the individual hairs on the pc version but that third picture is like WOW.

Anonagrog1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

Some of those screenshots are incorrectly marked as 'PS4' in that article anyway, where they are actually the PC 'definitive edition'.

DarkLordMalik1699d ago

There is no 'Definitive Edition' on PC. What are you talking about?

webeblazing1699d ago

i see so every first screenshot is pc. its crazy that he didnt put SSAA on but that would be over kill, and dof is definitely show more on pc too. pc is still the better version which is expected, and really not a big deal. well it looks like a great port. i dont think they should still charge $60 for it though.

tee_bag2421699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

I agree. I can't notice the Tress FX on the hair in more that half the shots and its damn blurry with low lighting quality.

combatcash1699d ago

Tress FX is nice but doesn't really add much to the game. If they removed it from the ps4 version the game could be locked at 60 fps.