Nintendo 3DS XL price cut $30 and comes with free game at Best Buy

XMNR: Best Buy kicked off a two-day sale on Friday, Jan. 24 that should help game deal hunters on the look out for a Nintendo 3DS XL.

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TotalSynthesisX1666d ago

I may have to get in on this deal. I'll probably just give Scribblenauts to a friend of mine and pick up Mario Kart 7 and/or Star Fox.

Shinobi1001666d ago

If you haven't picked up the system by now, this is a perfect time. 2013 ended up being an amazing year for 3DS from a software standpoint, but 2014 is going to absolutely blow it out of the water since 3DS was the highest-selling system in the US for all of 2013 and EVERY 3rd party dev is gonna be all over it in 2014

captainexplosion1666d ago

LOL at "EVERY 3rd party dev is gonna be all over it in 2014." 3rd party games don't sell on the 3DS.

Shinobi1001666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

It's 2014, only losers still "LOL".

Ubisoft was quoted at the end of 2013 as saying "The 3DS is a big success, it's selling a lot of machines in a lot of countries and if we consider a franchise, game or gameplay style that can be developed for it, we'll consider it."

And I tweeted to EA that they should be developing for 3DS this year and they tweeted back "We can't really give too much away! But yes, we have some pretty great plans for 2014! :)"

Ubisoft didn't release ANY 3DS games in 2013 & EA released a "whopping" one game. If two companies that were that skeptical about 3DS at the beginning of 2013 are jumping on board, then yes, EVERY 3rd party is coming along for 2014, which is GUARANTEED to be 3DS's best year yet

3-4-51666d ago

Yea they do...The game has to be good though.

Too much shovelware movie/tv games

captainexplosion1666d ago

Only a loser tweets corporations about kids games. Lame. And what do you think they're going to say? Its called being politically correct. Only in a pathetic fanboys mind would Ubisoft saying "we'll consider it" mean they are going to make great games that will miraculously be ready in 2014. And btw, they choose not to release Rayman Legends on the 3DS yet they released it on every other system, including the Vita. You are a blind fanboy that knows absoletely nothing.

Shinobi1001666d ago

Good ones! Tweeting video game companies about video games is so much worse than arguing about video games on message boards. Please change your name to CaptainSchmuck so people have some kind of idea what they're getting into when they look at your posts.

My post is about 2014 having more 3rd party 3DS games than 2013. So saying Ubisoft didn't release a game on 3DS that was on every other system in 2013 and began development in 2012 is pointless. Utterly pointless. Like so pointless you deserve a special hat.

Ubisoft tweeted that message about 3DS in September. 3DS began its run of 6 consecutive months as the best selling system in the US and in the rest of the world in May. Games could've begun development to take advantage of the expanded user base anytime across the 2nd half of 2013. Plenty of development time to have em ready for the 2nd half of 2014. It's gonna be an exciting year to be a 3DS owner! Don't be jealous

captainexplosion1666d ago

You called me a loser for using "LOL". You are making ridiculous and factually inaccurate statements. You called me a "schmuck" and said, perhaps I should change my name to "Captain Schmuck." Im thinking I should quit arguing with someone with your mental capacity who also happens to be a blind fanboy. Bad combo.

Im done after this, but the truth is something like the top 15 best selling games on the 3DS are published or developed by Nintendo. 3rd Party games have not sold. Look at how lazy ports are.

Ubisoft did not release Rayman Legends on the 3DS yet released it on the WiiU and Vita with a fraction of the install base. They are re-releasing Rayman Legends on the PS4 and XB1 (and again, they have a fraction of the install base) yet skipping the 3DS yet again. Using Ubisoft as an example of third party 3DS support is ignorant. You drew far too many conclusions from "we'll consider working on the 3DS but arent currently working on anything". I'm not sure what is throwing you off. Do you know what the word "consider" means? If they are making games for the 3DS in 2014 what game(s) is it??? If they didnt even bother porting Rayman to it, which would be a perfect fit, why would they build a new franchise from the ground up?

And as far as you thinking you are an insider because you tweeted someone at EA and they responded with a generic, politically correct response of "maybe, cuz the 3ds sells well," is simple fanboy logic. What do you expect them to say? And again, what EA 3ds games are coming out in 2014?

If anything 3rd party 3DS support will be reduced in coming years because the 3DS will not have as long of a lifespan as the DS. I dont think 2014 is "the year of the 3ds." I think that was clearly 2013. The games they have scheduled for 2014 arent nearly as impressive as 2013. The superior version of Super Smash Bros will be on the WiiU and there are rumors that the new Yoshi game is disappointing. There is far too much excitment over the PS4 and XB1 and over whether the WiiU will fail for 2014 to emerge as the year of the 3DS.

Shinobi1001666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Wow! We are all happy that you're so passionate about being a troll that you wrote a novella. It would be unbelievable you reached a word count that high and didn't say ANYTHING true or meaningful, if only I didn't know you so well by now.

1st off, EA didn't say they "maybe" have 3DS games in the works, they confirmed they DO have games in the works. But the important thing is that Ubi and EA are interested in 3DS. Those two 3rd party companies alone developed six 3DS LAUNCH titles. Ya know why? They were interested in 3DS. Last year, they combined to release one 3DS game. Because they weren't inerested anymore due to poor 3DS sales in the West through the end of 2012. 3DS sells more systems in 2013 in the US than any other system, including a MiLLION in December alone. Boom! All the 3rd parties are interested.

Another brilliant claim: 3rd party games don't sell on 3DS. That's why a single 3rd party game exlusive to 3DS has sold over 3 milion copies and 18 different 3rd party games have reached 500,000, and that's not even counting digital downloads.

P.S. Rayman Legends wasn't ported to 3DS due to TECHNICAL reasons