Killzone Mercenary Update 1.04 Goes Live

The latest update for Killzone Mercenary has gone live and is now available for download via the PlayStation Network. This latest patch marks update four of a planned roll-out of updates for the portable shooter and brings a slew of new, behind-the-scenes, fixes.

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vergilxx31362d ago

Finaly the patch is here
but where is patch with offline play and new maps?

BrianSharon1362d ago

Update 5 (presumably 1.05) will come later this year. No release date/window has been specified.

Mikey322301362d ago

Fantastic game just got even better with some back end patches :)

teflontactics1361d ago

Completely agree; kudos to Guerrilla Cambridge for supporting their product.

DJ1362d ago

Killzone Mercenary is an incredible game through and through.

iTzYaBoYal1362d ago

This game is dee buzineez......item 9.

TM3331362d ago

Just grabbed this game at Christmas (along with way too many others) and love it. Amazing visuals and best shooter I've played on a handheld.

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