DayZ On SteamOS? Dean 'Rocket' Hall Hopes So

One of the big questions about the upcoming Steam Machines is what sort of software will they get to help set them apart from standard, end-user PCs? Well, some people believe that Valve will unleash exclusive SteamOS software, others are simply hoping that every big game they enjoy in Windows will be available via SteamOS (natively).

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ATi_Elite1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Possible but most likely not gonna happen.

PS4 can run the Arma 2 engine but

1. Dean wants PC gamers and PS4 gamers to play together and Sony says NO

2. Dean wants FULL access to PS4 servers for updates and Sony has a update policy that's NOT friendly to a Dev/game like Dean/DayZ which will have constant updates.

3. Dean has a small team and is pretty much overwhelmed with the PC version which is playable, very fun, but NO WHERE near complete by way of what Dean fully intends to do with DayZ

NOW again it is possible but these 3 MAJOR factors are why some PC games will stay away from PS4/XB1

Server access and updates are very important to PC devs. Look at Team fortress 2 and it's 300 updates.

THC CELL1705d ago

U need links to back that statement, ive seen nothing about sony saying no. If that's the case why can I still play portal with the ps3 n pc players.

GentlemenRUs1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

When did SONY say no?

Portal 2 Remember?

EDIT: Point 2 is a load of BULL.

cyguration1704d ago

Yeah bro, where did Sony say no? I thought they were all about the indie thing.

Starbound and a bunch of other indies are coming to the PS4, I don't see why DayZ can't.

Lord_Sloth1704d ago

1 and 2 are BS reasons! Sony has plenty of games cross play with PC. As for constant updates, Warframe seems to be doing just fine.

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fluffydelusions1704d ago

He said it's possible once PC version is out of beta. Keep in mind he said alpha will likely last a year so who knows how long beta will be.

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webeblazing1704d ago

i dont see how you would play this game with a controller to many buttons. and i do remember devs talking last gen about patches on consoles and how it can become a problem.

JackBNimble1704d ago

PS4 can support mouse and key board also, I don't see why dev's don't start utilising this.

ATi_Elite1701d ago

I use about 50 buttons minimum on DayZ.

how many does a controller have?

Dean has looked into it and really feels that a bunch of menus would dumb DayZ down.

DayZ best played with KB/m

cyril sneer1704d ago

Omg why is there always a PS fanboy in every pc exclusive game article asking for it to be released on ps4.

I thought pc had no good exclusive games that's what you ps fanboy's are always telling us yet here you are in every pc exclusive article begging for it to be on ps4.

webeblazing1704d ago

im pretty sure they do that on every other platform. look at the everquest article. after countless years of downplaying mmos now it matters. ps fanboys on this site are not logical in any shape or form

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THC CELL1704d ago

Warthunder u can play with pc players too

Bodge1704d ago

I don't want them to dumb down the game for a console. Diablo 3, my favorite franchise already got ruined because of them.

Lord_Sloth1704d ago

The devs decide to dumb it down, this has nothing to do with consoles themselves.

PotatoClock1704d ago

It does actually.
They dumbed it down for the lowest common denominator of hardware.

Acti/Blizzard always had the plan to bring D3 to consoles and obviously wouldn't want to spend money developing two games, one that uses a PCs power and controls to full potential and one that can be handled by last gen consoles.

Vergil-1704d ago

Playing this game on a controller would be a nightmare lol...