Watch Dogs to launch on April 25th?

GameKeysNow are hearing from sources that Watch Dogs may be closer than you think

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Meltic1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

those rumours... i hope its march

TomShoe1702d ago

Lol I hope not, my wallet is already shriveling up at the thought of March.

Infamous: SS
Final Fantasy Remaster
South Park: SOT

and more!

Meltic1702d ago

take away titanfall only 6 players no Campaign :(. Take away South park. :)

BiggCMan1702d ago

I just want this gaaaaaaaaaaaaame!! I'm sure the delay will only make it better, but now i'm just getting REALLY impatient with not even knowing the new release day.

Hell I don't mind if it's in the Fall even, I just want a confirmed release date for it at this point.

This is still one of my most anticipated games. Ever since it debuted at E3 2012, I've just been going crazy over it.

Reeze1702d ago

Just in time for my birthday!

quantae061702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

It'll miss mines by a few days if it drops on the 25th, but it won't be far off.

vallencer1702d ago

It would come out on my birthday which is awesome. But I question the validity of it because the 25th is a Friday. Not that games aren't known for coming out on Fridays but a high profile game like this is more than likely releasing on a Tuesday.

Reeze1702d ago

Mine is actually on April 20th, but I'll have money to spend. I hope this release date is real!

BlueCroup1702d ago

Could be a good birthday for you guys then :)

rayzorn1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

this generation is horrible in letting us have an idea when a game is coming out i never saw anything like this.

normaly devs just put a release date out there like a way in advance and if they need to delay it aftwards then they give us a date a few months later. but there normaly always is at least a time frame. like q1,q2,q3,q4. or saying the month.

but this generation they are like well sometime in 2014 or 2015. wtf man give us a close date. if you cant make that date just delay it and give us another date you are shooting for. people want an idea on when they think a game is coming out.

i know this shit is driving me crazy big time. i want dates for. driveclub, watchdog, planetside 2, the order, daylight, evil within, and dragon age. give me something please........ and watchdogs

Meltic1702d ago

Im getting crazy too not you. Ive been in Contact with both ubisoft and techland about a ''near'' release date. Ive even been in ubisoft headquarter and asked them personly but Still no decent answer. Its pathetic and i dont care how many disagree i get.

mike32UK1702d ago

If you can't ever remember the gaming industry being like this you either are young (I'm only 23 and I remember) or you are forgetful ha. When the 360 and ps3 first came out this happened A LOT.

rayzorn1701d ago

yeah young that must be it. my first console was an atari 2600 and it wasnt cause i bought it 30 years after it came out.

but in all seriousness.

there is always a few games with no release dates. but i think right now for the whole year there is what like 4 games with release dates out of 50. that is insane its never that many. and some are suppost to be out or predicted to be out in a few months or sooner. like drive club and planetside 2.

mike32UK1701d ago

We'll put it down to the old age then! Seriously though yeah I get what you mean it's pretty crap, I think announcing a game should be done no earlier than a year before a game is released.

KillrateOmega1702d ago

At the very least, give us a definitive time frame, Ubisoft. Something more specific than '201_' would be appreciated.

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