Tomb Raider 2 to be more Skyrim

Tomb Raider was a great game, but it had very little in common with the massively open-world RPG The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It's not a problem most of us picked up on, but apparently it's something the developers hope to rectify for Tomb Raider 2.

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linkenski1669d ago

A sequel with likely a 1-2 year dev cycle that has to expand on the first game as well as create a much bigger content-filled world THAT RIVALS SKYRIM in quality? Sorry, but good luck with that SE.

DragonKnight1669d ago

Yeah, it's not going to happen. TESV took, what, 6 years to develop? And Crystal Dynamics thinks they can do it in 1/3 the time? Yeah, no.

MehmetAlperTR1669d ago

Agreed. And i dont like Open World Games. If it ll be open world, i ll pass it. like i ll pas MGS5.

tee_bag2421668d ago

It would be nice to have some exploration and open-ness like the first Tomb Raider.

Salooh1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Make it a really next gen world but focus on tombs , make it the reason for being open world. Bring some of the old tomb raider elements and mix it with that gameplay . Talking about Definitive makes me unexcited because the game is last gen so i hope they evolve in graphics too , or at least make texture better , that art work is for last gen so remake it. Definitive is not a good step for these new consoles. I'm only buying it because there is nothing else to play this month , Thief will release in the end of Feb.

That's what will make this game awesome. Bring tigers too XP . Man , i mis the old days when developers make games beyond our expectations. Now they can't achieve what we want , they even make us more angry lol. So i'm making my expectations low as hell. So i'm expecting another story with the same graphics of Definitive. >.<

AKissFromDaddy1669d ago

"Talking about Definitive makes me unexcited because the game is last gen..."

Just an example.

If Titan Fall on Xbox 360 isn't last gen, then Titan Fall on Xbox One isn't last gen too.

However, if Titan Fall is last gen on Xbox 360, then Titan Fall on Xbox One should be too.

What do you think?

Personally, I believe regardless of when a game released, in this case its 10-11 months ago(March 5, 2013), its designed to play to its best features on a platform, in my opinion. Only the platforms these video games play on, are a generation apart.

What do you think?

Salooh1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

I for one consider titan fall as a last gen game with little improvement , same with Black flag, GHOST and Rivals. They are made for last gen and ported to this gen. That's why we don't see a big leap.

But if you look at Quantum break and Second son you will see the potential of these consoles.

Let's just hope developers make games for this gen then port it to last gen like Battlefield 4 but even then they have many problems with the games because too many platforms instead of focusing on making the best game they can. :)

chikane1669d ago

wow guess tomb raider that i remember really is dead.. guess i'll go back and play the old games you know when it was tomb raider..

Zizi1669d ago

cool news. I like open-world action games B-)

Ares84HU1669d ago

Well honestly, Skyrim had more tombs to raid and it was better at it than a game that should be focused on that entirely. Tomb Raider reboot wasn't about Tomb Raiding. It should have been called, Lone Survivor or something along those lines.

Dirtnapstor1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Agreed, but I cannot complain about this direction the TR reboot took for the moment... Now that they've mastered the world/combat/etc gameplay, SE needs to focus on the tomb raiding elements for a supreme TR experience!

aliengmr1669d ago

This is why I am having a hard time understanding all the disagrees. Though I think it has a lot to do with not reading the article.

A large open world with tombs and puzzles, not sure how that is bad. Actual exploration seems like a good fit for TR.

DragonKnight1669d ago

It's not bad, it's just that it remains to be seen. Crystal Dynamics can have all the good intentions for TR2 in the world, but the amount of time they have to work on this with the scope that they want is just not feasible. Plus, SE are backing them so... yeah.

quaneylfc1669d ago

Wasn't that the documentary about mark wahlberg stranded outside DFS getting attacked by migrant workers, with him ending up as the only soldier standing in DFS, thus helping him give up his music career and appreciate his life to the fullest?

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