Experience Points: Gaming Doesn’t Need A Citizen Kane

From eGamer, "There are always going to be those pillars of a medium that define expectations. We will forever be seeking the next BioShock Infinite, The Last of Us, Half-Life 2 or Journey. Games which gamers can easily consider viable assets to the “games as art” debate. This is an inevitability of any form of entertainment. Any medium be it literature, film and videogames will have these definers of what is considered “Art”. For example, we have Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations and in film there is Citizen Kane. These examples are benchmarks of quality in their respective mediums, but when you take a closer look they are not necessarily the best in the business, or more specifically games that fit into each gamer’s own personal preferences. My personal “Citizen Kane” is not your “Citizen Kane”. Gamers’ opinions and tastes diverge".

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