PS Vita Slim Set For Release in Europe and North America?


"Sony has invited IGN to a briefing meeting, where the company is set to reveal something Slim.

An invitation, which you can see below, reads: "Following the biggest launch in PlayStation history, join us for an introduction to the slimmest."

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ShugaCane1577d ago

That would be to perfect timing, now that people finally get to realize how cool the PS4/PSV combo can be :)

MastaMold1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

Slim PS4 /s

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3-4-51576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

FFX Vita Slim Special Edition please.

Decided I'm going to get a Vita, just not sure when.

Definitely waiting to see what this is about.

MatrixxGT1577d ago

I'm content with my 1000, however what I really like is the micro USB charge port. Call me crazy but that's one less cable I need to have on my nightstand. It would share it with my phone charger. Plus everywhere I go I have micro usb chargers: home, work, car, and just about every friends home.

feraldrgn1577d ago

Oh yes, please yes.
I've been waiting on the Slim for ages, I want one.

GribbleGrunger1577d ago

My guess would be:

VitaTV (demonstrating PSNow)
Vita Slim (All four colours)
64Gb memory stick
Price drop

Outside chances:

A super slim PS3 with external power brick
A controller specifically designed for playing Vita games on VitaTV.

SirBradders1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

I'm gonna buy one for all 3 of my sisters. 3 vita tv's so they can fight over who plays my ps4 and 3 vitas so they can all play vita anywhere anytime.

360ICE1577d ago

Yeah, that pretty much has to be PS Vita slim. Can't imagine anything else, at least.

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The story is too old to be commented.