Does the 13GB Dead Rising 3 patch boost performance?

Does the 13GB Dead Rising 3 patch boost performance? Digital foundry carries out before and after frame-rate tests.

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GarrusVakarian1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Wait.....i thought the day one patch LOCKED the framerate to 30fps?

720p and sub-30fps is literally last gen territory. Not acceptable from a machine that costs half a grand in my opinion......Even with all those zombies on-screen, surely they shouldn't have any problems locking the framerate to 30fps at 720p.

sigfredod1550d ago

short answer: no, it doesn´t

Eonjay1550d ago

Something doesn't seem right to me. The GPU should be able to do 720p @30FPS with no problem at all. The only thing I can think of is that maybe the high Zombie count creates a lot of AI process that may chock up the CPU.

SilentNegotiator1550d ago

long answer: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

720p and Capcom can't even get a steady 30fps. tsk, tsk

JokesOnYou1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

"Dead Rising 3 certainly displays Capcom Vancover's desire to create an ambitious showcase for Microsoft's new machine, boasting a seamless open-world environment and almost three times as many enemies on screen as in Dead Rising 2. However, while the sense of scope and level of detail on offer are certainly impressive, things aren't quite so refined on a technical level, with frame-rate issues and visible texture pop-in giving the game a distinctly rough appearance when combined with the upscaled 720p presentation."

-Yes I have enjoyed DR3, it's a blast to play with lots to do but yes there is occasional framerate drops which I contribute to the vast open world with no load times, and early learning curve of a luanch title, its unlike any other open world console game in that regard, congrats to Capcom for attempting a ambitious launch game. Hopefully DR4 or the next open world game from Capcom will have an upgraded/new engine that performs better however I'd still take a DR3 which btw I still play a few times a week with all its flaws vs a boring platform game running @1080p 60fps but looks and plays like ps2 game. Risk vs reward or just play it safe.....I prefer the more ambitious games even if they are not perfect.


It's the Dead Rising 1 and 2 engine, Which has always been poorly optimized, If Capcom would have taken more time and used the Deep Down Engine, it would have been much better performance! Capcom did state that DR3 was originally going to be on 360 as well

frostypants1550d ago

@Eonjay: There is more to graphics processing than fps and resolution. The sheer number of zombies (see: more polygons and textures to render) could slow stuff down. It doesn't necesarily have anything to do with the CPU. People who make the assumption that all games should easily be X resolution or Y fps are oversimplifying things.

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ThePope1550d ago ShowReplies(7)
LexHazard791550d ago

Dude how could you even write that comment? Are there not other games on the console running at more fps and better resolution? And your bubbles are a Conspiracy theory!

GarrusVakarian1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

"Are there not other games on the console running at more fps and better resolution?"

Exactly!......Which is why i said "surely they shouldn't have any problems locking the framerate to 30fps at 720p.".....the machine is more than capable based on the other releases of the X1....Don't you people read? I wasn't bashing the game or the console, purely wondering why it the game doesn't hold 30fps at 720p......geez.

My point still stands though, buying a next gen console for $500 and getting those results is not acceptable...... and the fact that other games run beyond 720p 30fps reinforces my point even further.

"And your bubbles are a Conspiracy theory!"

Lol, people care about my bubbles more than i do.

LexHazard791550d ago

No you stated the fact after your opinion of a $500 machine!! And I see you have a Loyal following, I did not know I was in the presence of Royalty...your highness! Lol.....

windblowsagain1550d ago


Nothing to do with capcom.

Crytek could not get 30fps solid either. drops into teens at times.

As for the GPU, it's very weak. Behind closed doors any dev will tell you so.

JeffGUNZ1550d ago

How many behind closed doors meetings have you had with these game developers? Geez, everyone is an arm chair game developer on this site.

nerdman671549d ago

It isnt about capability with it, it is about the company working with the hardware. They are inexperienced with the machine.
Look at BF4. Looks much better, has a solid frame rate through the game.
The X1 is clearly capable.
Too bad I wont be using either console until they get something good, but they sure are shiny

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ExCest1550d ago

They should remove motion blur or have a setting to remove it. It's obstructive most of the time and it kills hardware.

The Meerkat1550d ago

Nobody knows because nobody has finished downloading it yet.

Eldyraen1550d ago

I downloaded it first day just fine.

I'm playing the dlc ATM though and its zombie count seems to increase based on its own story progression (zombie count ontop of everything going on is when framerate dipped before). I'm at the point when there are a ton but not sure if at "max" yet compared to most I've seen elsewhere during campaign.

Its running smoother but just not sure if as dense yet so not perfect for a comparison.

chrissx1550d ago

13gb for just patch? Looks like this game was rushed

Hellsvacancy1550d ago

A 13gb update is horrendous, how can anyone possibly defend that, I'm not (like others) blaming the XB1, I'm blaming Crapcom

Mister_Dawg1550d ago

Why are you blaming anybody?

Launch titles have a strict deadline to meet and sometimes they don't. Comprehend?

Luckily with the current generation, many people have reasonable internet connections, so 13GB is not a problem. So launch the game with the console, which works pretty well in my opinion. Then send out a comprehensive clean-up patch shortly after. Would you complain if you received several smaller patches, say 1GB in size? Most likely not. Its just the apparent large size of this one has sent some people crazy.

Biggest1550d ago

Or they could have done the reasonable thing and changed the release date. Drive Club did that and have spent the time improving their game. I'll bet you a new PS4 that Drive Club won't have a 13GB patch.

JeffGUNZ1550d ago

I played and beat this game before the patch and had no problems. I don't understand the size of the patch, but the game was not broken by any means.

Canadianfubar1550d ago

I totally agree that a 13GB patch is plain wrong.
With data caps and the fact that not all people have fast internet, this is not justifiable.
Bad trend is starting with releasing broken/glitchy games and fixing later.

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