Why the Xbox One can't keep up

Summarising information you already know, Lazygamer details why the Xbox one's graphical deficit exists.

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Mikelarry1666d ago

I cant believe we gamers are still going back and forth on this topic, we have seen and heard the facts what else do some gamers need.

GarrusVakarian1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

From the article:

"There’s really no way of getting around it; there’s no magical secret sauce lurking in the Xbox One, the cloud isn’t going to make the Xbox One faster. The PS4 is the more powerful system, and that power is going to be more evident as tis generation goes on. "

Seems that everyone knows this (and has known this for months), apart from the Xbox fans in extreme denial. The quicker people accept that, the quicker they can stop being bitter and enjoy their system.

creatchee1666d ago


The only people continually harping about the power differential are Sony fans. Most people who have an Xbox One seem to be content playing it and enjoying it rather than worrying about Playstation. Wish the same could be said vice versa.

Pogmathoin1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

I have known this, believe this sauce stuff is now used by extreme fanboys on both sides. I having a blast with X1, and PS4 regardless... what other people tell me about the insides of machines means nothing to me. The bitterness is from those who I think see consoles as the most important aspect of life, which I assume then as people who have no real value in life. With each generation I have played the best, because brand name means nothing, just the game. Please tell me which is more important? And please do not come back with MS screws you or something, as I know what I want from my consoles, and play accordingly....

Edit: Beavis, let people make there own decisions. If you take advice from here, really, how many will be impartial?

amiga-man1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Taken from the article, Georgeenoob and the like please finally accept the PS4 is the more powerful system despite being cheaper to buy

Xbox One:
1.18 Teraflop GPU with 12 active Compute Units (2 disabled)
768 Shaders
48 Texture mapping units
16 Render output units
2 Asynchronous Compute Engines with 16 queues

PlayStation 4:
1.84 Teraflop GPU with 18 active Compute Units (2 disabled) // 56% higher than Xbox One
1152 Shaders // 50% more
72 Texture mapping units // 50% more
32 Render output units // 100% more
8 Asynchronous Compute Engines with 64 queues // 400% more

MysticStrummer1666d ago

@creatchee - You're saying no XB fans on here still talk about the cloud increasing XB1's power beyond PS4's? I guess you just haven't seen them, but they're still around.

GarrusVakarian1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )


"The only people continually harping about the power differential are Sony fans"

*cough* MisterX's blog *cough*

Trust me, there are still people who think the X1 has some some of hidden power advantage over the PS4, articles like this help set them straight. MisterX and his "insider" even told their followers (sheep) that the X1 has a dual GPU with more TFLOPS than a GTX Titan. Some people are in deep, deep denial.

Dehnus1666d ago

Here you are again with your percentages.
Do you even know what those numbers mean?
ROPS for instance don't make things faster by just adding more. They are just rasterisers. The reason Sony has double the amount is because they couldn't have "20" or even "24". ROPS are mostly added in pairs of 16 in AMD hardware.

Since the PS4 would have too few ROPS at 16 they added 32. Plain and simple. It doesn't make it twice as fast though, it just makes sure it doesn't choke up.

The Xbox One van do with fewer ROPS so 16 was enough, adding 32 would have been a huge waste in that case.

This also goes for your other values, especially that 400% one. You as an Amiga fan should know that better than anybody. Please do all Amiga fans a favour and read up on Processor and GPU design and what it all means. That there always are reasons for why something is higher or lower and that there are down and upsides to a design decision.

THis can't just be put in percentages like you do here.

Oh_Yeah1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )


250$ Gtx 760: 2.3 teraflops

Poops all over both consoles for a fraction of the cost. Why are you guys wanking on and on about console specs? If that's what you care about so much you might as well build yourself a rig. Consoles are about the software.

KillrateOmega1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )


The steamiest bull****...


Also, will we ever move on from this topic? I can understand that these articles may be targeted at those who are not up-to-date on gaming news and specifics, but it's been like 2 months. Any information that they could possibly be looking for regarding the consoles' specs is so well-published by now that more articles just seems redundant.

amiga-man1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )


@AmigaMan .Here you are again with your percentages.

What are you on about I have never posted anything about percentages so your already wrong, secondly the information was taken from the article and as the headline points out the xbox can't keep up,

but by all means argue the how the xbox is more powerful, it simply isn't.



250$ Gtx 760: 2.3 teraflops

Poops all over both consoles for a fraction of the cost. Why are you guys wanking on and on about console specs? If that's what you care about so much you might as well build yourself a rig. Consoles are about the software.

I wouldn't argue with you I used to do all my gaming on a pc in fact my favourite sort of game is best played on pc, but I got tired of the software conflicts, the constant upgrading and generally messing about I had to do which is why I went to console, nothing to do with software the ease of use was the key for me, but if i'm using a console I may as well choose the most powerful one don't you think, the fact it is also cheaper doesn't hurt either.

creatchee1666d ago


MisterX.... Really? He was exposed years ago as a hack who fabricates "insider" information and forum posts. No sensible person takes him seriously.

My point was that Sony fans are the ones who constantly bring up the power differential. I've yet to see people who bought an X1 complaining about their experience being ruined in COD because it renders in 720p or BF4 @ 900p. But I've seen no shortage of Sony fans ballyhooing those differences like they are night and day.

Eyeco1666d ago

"My point was that Sony fans are the ones who constantly bring up the power differential. I've yet to see people who bought an X1 complaining about their experience being ruined in COD because it renders in 720p or BF4 @ 900p."

You're right I agree, but this is what Sony fans were saying for YEARS with multiplats on the 360, where the differences were far more minor, yeah there were a few major hiccups like Bayonetta, The Orange Box, Skyrim (post patches these games actually run fine for the most part) but for the most part the differences were as minor as sharper lighting, few framerate dips, better looking grass, they were championed night and day by 360 fan's as a way of contradicting the PS3's claim as the most powerful system.

" But I've seen no shortage of Sony fans ballyhooing those differences like
they are night and day."

Of course they are, because Microsoft fan's spent a good 7 years doing the exact same thing with the "superior" 360 multiplat's, I'm not condoning anything, I actually agree with you that it's nonsense all together. But don't try and turn 360 fans into a victim, by asserting this behaviour as unique to Sony fan's because you and everyone here damn well knows If they were the position they would do the same, and they did..just like last gen.

This is what I find funny about this new gen, lol how the tables have turned any of the so called "hate" that's been directed to the XB1 and to a lesser extent Wii-U, was said about Sony and the PS3 during the better half of last gen, the only difference in 2013/14 Sony and the PS4 aren't the butt of jokes this time.

Giul_Xainx1666d ago


More like people who own the Xbox are becoming hikikomoris because all of their friends are on the PS4.

Outside_ofthe_Box1666d ago


Differences in multiplatform games were all the rage last gen...

miyamoto1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

No matter how the facts and truth is reported by honest journalists.

M$ will find a way to distort and twist the truth in their favor.

The problem is that M$ has a steady budget flow for their PR department to bark over the internet everyday that "the PS4 is slightly better than Xbone", or"graphics don't matter between Ps4 & Xbone"," Xbone games still look great despite PS4 game looks and plays better", all these subliminal stuff to sway people's perception of the truth hoping they can twist the information wars in their favor.

M$ has the money to keep this PR stunt for the next years to come. "Shipped, or Stuffed they say is Sold"

M$ likes to make everything shady and grey not black and white.

M$ can not win a fight in a decent manner they will always fight dirty.

That is why we true gamers need to stay vigilant.

lokirevamped1665d ago

Another option is to be a GAMER, not a fan-boy/fan-girl/broke/crybaby /etc individual. I have PS4,X1 and Wii U, I will get the Alienware Steam machine when available. It feels great to be a gamer.

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MasterCornholio1666d ago

Some people are still not convinced on the differences between these two consoles. We need articles like these to educate them on the matter. And its especially useful for people looking to buy either of the two systems.

dcbronco1666d ago

We don't need more articles like this. They take up space and crowd a page that could be used for real information. Last generation went on for 8 years(and continues) and none of the original articles were ever solved. They would still be going if it wasn't for new consoles.

Personally to me it's obvious that the PS4 will have more graphical power. But with the 8GBs of embedded memory on the One I believe it will have abilities with physics and AI that PS4 won't be able to do. IMO graphics at this point aren't the key to better games. It will be gameplay. And gameplay options will be more plentiful on Xbox One to me. That memory can be used to pre-load and store physics events like building collapses realistically. But ultimately it doesn't matter. Both systems will have their advantages.

otherZinc1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Where's this "50%" more power of the PS4 on display? :

Can we see this in Killzone:SF?, as KZ:SF has no campaign co-op?, as it doesn't have a bunch of enemies on screen at once with great AI, where's this "50%" power on display? What's Killzone:SF doing that can't be done, or what's it doing that's so special?

Same goes for the below basic platformer Knack. What's Knack doing that shows "50%" more power? I'd like to know, because I don't see it.

Meanwhile, XBOX ONE is showing power with Forza 5 running 1080p native @ 60fps online and offline!

Dead Rising 3 is showing hundreds of zombies on screen at once, all with different faces. One reviewer said "the game said I killed 2,971 Zombies, so I killed 2,971 different enemies". Dead Rising 3 can also be played in 4 player campaign co-op.

And Ryse just looks Fantastic, and also playable in co-op.

And, these are launch games!

Just as "Lukas_Japonicus" used the power of an automobile analogy, same is applicable with the XBOX ONE Architecture: it's the components & processors around it's main components that account for it's display of seen power in its launch games.

XBOX ONE is only going to get better, Titanfall & Halo 5 will further demonstrate its power, this year 2014.

Ju1666d ago

Looks like somebody hasn't played KZ:SF...

H0RSE1665d ago


There are many critics who agree that Ryse is the best looking game to date, even compared to KZ. If KZ was so goddamn gorgeous, wouldn't it be unanimous? KZ may look good, but nothing about it shouts "50% more powerful."

reaperofsouls1665d ago

Microsoft don't make good games, they would rather pay off game critics to over egg them

moonstormer1666d ago

finally - a technical article that breaks down the differences between the consoles and is still understandable to a layman. thanks!

GarrusVakarian1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

"In pure, raw numbers, the PS4 has more than 50% of the GPU muscle than the Xbox One. That doesn’t translate in to 50% better performance in the real world"

I feel that's one sentence people need to see, so many X1 fans scream "why don't the games look 50% better then!", but they don't understand that 50% more power doesn't equate to 50% better looking games. For example, if a car has 1000 break horsepower and maxes out at 230mph, adding another 1000 bhp isn't going to make it go 460mph, there are going to be diminishing returns.

The guy in the article knows what he's talking about, he provides an unbiased analysis of both consoles specs. Anyone not sure on the differences between the 2 should check it out.

NewMonday1666d ago

but the performance dose get beyond 50%

1080p has double the pixels on 720p

60fps is double 30fps.

n4rc1666d ago

Lol.. I'm so happy you used that reference..

Horsepower alone doesn't win races.. You could have 100 more HP and still get spanked by a lighter car.. Or a bunch of other factors..

If it doesn't equal 50% better.. Then why the hell do you guys keep saying it does?

GarrusVakarian1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

@ n4rc

"If it doesn't equal 50% better.. Then why the hell do you guys keep saying it does?"

Ive never said that.....Ive always told people about diminishing returns.

But you can't deny the PS4's obvious power advantage. It's already apparent, just look at those specs +56%, +50%, +100%, +400%. And i suppose NewMonday does have a point.......

otherZinc1666d ago


You continue to use specs. Could you explain where we can see some of the PS4 power through the exclusive next-gen games that are made for it today?

And I'm not talking about the FMV cuteness that we don't play.

GarrusVakarian1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )


I'd be happy too....but it's shame you need others to tell you and can't do the research yourself.

Lets take Ryse, X1's best looking game, it a corridor hack and slash game, runs at 1600x900p and dips into the teens, but in its favour it has some truly great character models/animations.

PS4's best looking game, Killzone SF, it runs at native 1920x1080p and sits between 30-60fps in the singleplayer despite having MUCH larger environments than Ryse. It also has a host of effects such as real time reflections/ray trace lighting, particle effects, high res textures, dynamic lighting, DOF....

Look at this way, the PS4 could easily play Ryse @ 900p with dips into the teens, but the X1 could not run Killzone SF at native 1080p and 30-60fps.

Then look at all the multiplats that are ALREADY showing signs of the power difference. It's there, it's blatant.

"And I'm not talking about the FMV cuteness that we don't play."

What, like Ryse? Watch the cutscnes then turn the camera around in-game and see if the characters faces still look as good, they don't. They still easily beat Killzone's character models though.

Ju1666d ago

The thing is...the XBo isn't the lighter "car", in fact the PS4 is - leaner API, leaner OS, smaller console, less overhead and yet more powerful.

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iNathan1666d ago

people still complain about this Xbox One Ps4 stuff, buy what you like most ffs.

GavinMannion1666d ago

Ridiculous comment, how do you know what you are going to like most without these articles.

Not to mention both companies are happy to tell you the consoles are equal and yet it is being proven someone is lying.

Imagine gaming stores were honest.. you can get AC4 in High def on the PS4 or good def on the Xbox One

Fireseed1666d ago

Do I need a technical breakdown and analysis to tell me I'm only getting Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Halo, and Titanfall on Xbox One? I think that's a fairly easy way to tell which one I'm gonna like most.

H0RSE1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Exactly. Technical specs only explain so much. All my gaming friends have X1. I prefer the xbox controller over the DS. I prefer XBL over PSN. All the spec sheets in the world aren't going to help at all with those points.

"PS4 has higher resolution and framerates for more games."

"Well, my friends all have Xbox One, so will the PS4 allow me to play games with them?"

"No, but..."

"Thanks for your time."

From a technical standpoint, I see it like this: The PC is king. Any person really concerned about playing games and having them look and play their best, will opt for PC. Even multiplats that boast 1080p/60fps on console, are still going to look better on PC, due to overall better textures and advanced graphics options. In this regard, anyone who opts for console, is essentially settling for "good enough," which is why I never base my console purchase off tech specs - I base it off the strengths console have - the social aspect, the ease of use, the games, etc.

Superior graphics and performance are not strengths of consoles. If anything, they are challenges to overcome. 1080p/60fps is not a standard, not even on next-gen, so when I see people cite spec sheets and comparisons of X1 and PS4, inside my head I'm going, "aww, that's cute...they're battling for second place..."

GarrusVakarian1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Like MasterCornholio said, some people might find articles like this helpful if they only have enough money for one system.

And lol at you calling us nerds when you have an account N4G yourself.......

MasterCornholio1665d ago

Thanks Lucas

Like I said before some people need tech articles to help them choose which systems to buy. I know exclusives are extremely important but most of the games that I play are multiplats so I decided to go with the PS4 also the price different helped me make my decision as well.

ShowGun9011666d ago

some people say we don't need more articles like this, but until every xbot reads an article like this one, they still need to be posted imo. it may essentially be a repost, but when people obviously ignore the facts, and say things like "its too early to know which one is more powerful!", it shows there are lots of fanboys out there who never even click an article, and just go straight to the boards to defend their purchase...

DoubleM701666d ago

I don't see the problem the PS3 was more powerful last generation. Nothing has changed for this generation. PS4 is more powerful I have no problem with that. I'm buying both system eventually. Are you buying both systems are you going to be bias.

Alexander1Nevermind1666d ago

The only thing that has changed is that Sony has made the ps4 more user friendly for devs this go around. Hence why we see the ps4 muscle in multiplats and why we only saw this on ps3 exclusives last gen

Flamingweazel1666d ago

?? Wrong, the 360 had a better gpu and memory, ps3 ahd cell if devs learned to use it, they were very close. This time the gap is way bigger and ps4 has every advanatge, including price.

ShowGun9011666d ago

i might pick up a xbone, IF their exclusive lineup warrants it, and they make a kinect-less sku... since i'd only play the exclusives on it, they'd need over 10 to justify a purchase imo... same goes for the wii-u, which is why i'm planning on getting a wii-u maybe in 2015.

Boody-Bandit1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

"Are you buying both systems are you going to be bias."

Bias is prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair or cause to feel or show inclination or prejudice for or against someone or something.

You can own every console or gaming device ever made. That does not mean you are without bias.

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chrissx1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Xbone def won't be able to keep up. As time passes the power gap from Ps4 will even only increase and multiplat games will look way better than it already is now on Ps4

pornflakes1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

no they won't becasue it will be like LAST gen...

MS will pay Devs to let games on the ONE look better :) /s

I mean, these were ALWAYS the words from PS3 fanboys whenever a game looked better on the 360...

GavinMannion1666d ago

No the difference is that the PS3 was always more powerful but incredibily difficult to code for..

The Xbox One is incredibly easy to code for and not as powerful.. don't expect as much of a jump as we saw from the PS3

idontcare1666d ago

sorry dude but i don't like the PS4 and it's games ... so what now?

moonstormer1666d ago

buy either console - either way it will be a cool piece of tech. just expect for the games to look worse than PS4 equivalents as the generation goes on. I'm planning on getting both consoles - worth it for that controller!

T21666d ago

of course you don't ... you love video games but sony doesn't make one single game that interests you.... LOL

DoubleM701666d ago

Sorry Chrissx I disagree with you. Both these machines will do fine in this new generation. PS4 is not about to blow the doors off the XB1. Xbox has as many fans as the Playstation.