Early Buyer On Tomb Raider Definitive Edition: Not That Much Better

A customer was able to snatch a copy of Tomb Raider PS4 on Thursday, and he's now voicing his disappointed opinion of the next gen port.

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MuhammadJA1668d ago

The only notable difference is the asian Lara. Still not worth the full price.

Alexious1668d ago

Maybe they are trying to expand in China.

odderz1668d ago

I for one am extremely excited about Tomb Raider Starring Lara Chun.


I hope they release a demo to make us wait until they add it to PSN Plus instant collection.

TheGreatAndPowerful1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

ha...everyone that was streaming gameplay last night said the exact opposite. Seems like there's a lot of butthurt users out there, mainly the ones from the 30fps camp. lol The best comment I read last night was from a PC users asking how the f**k it was possible that the PS4 could run the game with TressFX at 60fps and those highres textures. lulz

"I streamed 5 hours of gameplay on Twitch today. The interest is really high from viewers.

I'm having a lot of fun with the game. I hope SE changes the embargo date so I can publish a review sooner."

Aurenar1668d ago

The only difference is the remake of Lara's body, Tress-FX filter and...what else?

RedDeadLB1668d ago

Different contrast, that's about it.

YoungPlex1668d ago

Nope I'm playing now and I can confirm that the PS4 version is running well above 30fps. If I had to guess it runs somewhere in between 45-60fps which is a substantial difference along with the native 1080p resolution and Tress-FX. Not to mention the substantial differences in particle effects, draw distances, textures, lighting, etc... Well worth it IMO!

Npugz71668d ago

That's 1 persons opinion! I have it and notice a big difference! I'm not dissapointed at all and think the graphics are as good if not better than killzone!

Alexious1668d ago

Better than Killzone? I doubt it. I played Tomb Raider at 2880x1800 on PC and while it looked very good, Killzone is definitely more impressive in places.

Section81667d ago

I liked your statement until you said better than Killzone. I'm not a fan of Killzone but it's graphics, even this early, are a lot better than TR. And I love the new TR by the way.

Sokol1668d ago

I very much doubt Definite Edition looks anywhere near the quality of Killzone Shadow Fall which I'm playing right now.

Killzone is a truly beautiful game on many levels and a true next generation title.

RedSoakedSponge1668d ago

Killzone is next gen visually i agree. but gameplay is far from "true next gen"

TheGrimOfDeath1668d ago

I just hope Infamous: Second Son is the true next gen game that we are waiting for.

If not that then The Order: 1886 or The Division.

badz1491668d ago

serious question...what is this so called "true next gen gameplay" that people are talking about? I love KZ to death, yeah, big fan over here but can't help but notice that MANY are complaining about the gameplay "not next gen" which I don't seem to understand what IT actually is.

are people talking about the controller? button mapping? or something else? It can't be about the gameplay mechanic, because the control of KZ is pretty much standard among the other FPS games too. I never heard people complaining about having "no next gen gameplay" in BF4 although the controls are pretty much the same while KZSF adds something unique like zip lining, UAV and SIXAXIS scoping.

PC games has been using kb+m for ages, is it not next gen? how about Mario? jumping and stepping on stuff...not next gen? seriously...I just don't understand the term "next gen gameplay"!

RedSoakedSponge1668d ago

@badz149 i was only quoting Sokol's words, and i agree with you

my words were just a dig at how the gameplay is pretty generic for the most part with nothing new.

the additions you mentioned to gameplay, i didnt think really improved the game in any shape or form. though i did like swiping to change the OWL's behaviour.

Baka-akaB1668d ago

BS , the real issue is that it does not feature content justifying that kind of price and a re-release . But graphic wise , it's quite a bump on an already gorgeous game .

I'd still advise against buying it , even if you havent played the earlier version , as long as it remains at that price

Highlife1668d ago

If you haven't played the first version the price shouldn't be that big of a deal because the game is New to you. Now if you already own it then yeah full price for a better version doesn't work. To bad they didn't have the same upgrade promo like some other games $10 upgrade fee to go next gen.

Alexious1668d ago

That's exactly right, a $10 upgrade fee might have worked, but $60? Come on.

Baka-akaB1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Doesnt mean you dont know it's a game being released at full price when it shouldnt be .

People that didnt play the first game , would be wise to just wait for the price drop . If they could wait for so long , no reason they couldnt wait for it to be cheaper .

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