Competitive Xbox One digital pricing is "on the agenda", says Major Nelson

Good news, peasants! Microsoft is aware that some of you ungrateful sods think £35.19 is too much to pay for a new edition of Angry Birds. Posting very briefly on Reddit, PR man Larry Hryb also hinted at announcements to come this year.

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dirigiblebill1670d ago

They can justify those prices if they give you the option to trade in, like on Green Man Gaming. I won't pay 50 quid for something I can't take back to the shop a couple of weeks later.

Zichu1670d ago

I just want cheaper digital games. They should have people working for them that check game prices every week or so with some of the competitive retailers, stores or online only stores and match those prices or lower their prices by a couple of quid.

Mikelarry1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

it best be, hopefully this forces the competition to go aggressive with digital pricing as they are currently is just crazy, 35.19 for angry birds..... GTFOH

Volkama1670d ago

I hear a lot of digital copies move during a steam sale.

10 digital copies sold for £4.99 is approximately infinitely more money than 0 copies at £50. Maybe the industry should re-think pricing over all.

BX811670d ago

I don't understand how it's next gen and we still have the old school mentality when it comes to digital pricing. MS had plenty of time to adjust this.

Wikkid6661670d ago

There is a fine line... Consoles rely on retail partners. So you can't piss them off by undercutting them on software sales.

dcbronco1670d ago

The whole point of same day digital sales is to start the move away from retail. They depend on them no more than PC does. There really is no difference in the the way games are sold and the way they were sold on the PC ten years ago. That is why Gamestop sells used phones and other things now. They know what the future holds. Consoles will soon be based on Steam-like systems too. And Gamestop will finally die a well deserved death. Hahaha.

mcstorm1670d ago

I hope they do look at this as I would go all digital but at the moment I can get the disk version for less so I will go for that one. I have never under stood why Digital copys are more as there is less to pay for in terms of packaging ect.

SonyKong641670d ago

corporate greed.. it's the answer to most things that just don't make sense = /

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The story is too old to be commented.