Xbox One Designer: Xbox One Is 'One of Those Products That Don’t Happen Very Often'

Card Lebetter who is the Industrial Designer of Xbox and is also the man behind designing Xbox One has shared his thoughts about how he and his team went about developing Microsoft's next gen console.

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GarrusVakarian1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

"Xbox One Designer: Xbox One Is 'One of Those Products That Don’t Happen Very Often'"

He's right, the last time we saw products like this was back in the 80's

That's a joke before people call the trolling police. Jokes are still allowed, right? To balance it out, the PS4 looks like one of those parallelogram erasers lol.

Pogmathoin1667d ago

Sorry Lukas, must turn you in, I am able to track you down with my X1 and Kinect.... :)

GarrusVakarian1667d ago


You'll never take me alive!

*Slits neck with sharp PS4 edges*

360ICE1667d ago

Haha! I saw that one coming.

Kind of funny/tragic how Microsoft recently have been trying to do the same thing as Sony did with Mark Cerny and PS4, but every time they do, they're shot down instantly.

iceman13461667d ago

yeah ,xbox one is ugly as hell and it's all your fault

amiga-man1667d ago

"one of those Products that don't happen very often"

Yes and there is a very good reason why.

mcstorm1667d ago

I disagree I prefer the look of the xbox one over the PS4 and WiiU. yes it is big but I don't think it looks that bad and in my tv cabinet it goes with my Sony surround sound amp and media server I have in there better than the WiiU dose or the PS4 will when I pick one up.

nirwanda1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

My friend owns and Xbox one and I own a ps4.
I took it round to his house and he prefers the look of my ps4 and I preferred the look of the Xbox one.

mcstorm1667d ago

Its just each to there own. I don't like the look of the Iphone's or Samsung Galaxy phones but love the HTC One and Lumia 925. We have choice for a reason as we all like different things. For me I don't buy technology because it looks good I buy it because it dose what I want it too. I never liked the look of the fat ps3 but I wanted one so I got it. I did not like the look of the original DS but I wanted one so I got it.

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g-nome1667d ago

Come on guys , show a bit of love for the ugly sister.

Mexxan1667d ago

Don't let the internals fool ya, it's not even a long distant cousin!

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