Gamer Trying to Walk to Edge of Minecraft Universe. It's Been 3 Years with 22 more to go

Kurt J. Mac is trying to reach the end of the Minecraft Universe. He began his journey three years ago and hasn't stopped since and at this rate, he's got about 22 years to go. He's traveled more than 700 kilometers with the finish line 12,000 kilometers away. If Kurt sticks to his current pace, it'll take him 22 more years.

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ElementX1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

Doesn't this guy have anything else to live for? It seems really pathetic.

RamsesNum11670d ago

Well, his journey did give him over 300,000 subs and he was able to quit his job and do this full time. So, yeah, I'd say it's paying off and it's not pathetic.

No4Love1670d ago

lol :D it would be a shame, if the game crashed

dirigiblebill1670d ago

He's got to run out of memory at some point, surely.

teflontactics1670d ago

I'd laugh if he got close and they upgraded the game map to be much larger.

RamsesNum11670d ago

That'll be pretty funny.