PS Vita Is Portable Gaming Done Right

Many people might argue that Nintendo is the leader when it comes to portable gaming with their revolutionary Nintendo DS with the touch screen. Of course at the time it was released, it was quiet clear that the new and innovative DS was far more popular than Sony’s portable gaming console, the PSP.

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Snookies121340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

Nintendo is the leader in portable gaming, doesn't make the Vita any less impressive though. The Vita is (hardware-wise) the best handheld system available. Though the 3DS has done exceptionally well in bringing over tons of quality games for localization. Which while the Vita is finally getting some games localized, it still hasn't caught up to the amount of titles Nintendo has gotten for NA/EU fans unfortunately.

MrSwankSinatra1340d ago

consumers seem to think otherwise.

DualWielding1340d ago

I don't even care about the portability factor, I only have 3DS and Vita because I prefer Japanese games and Japanese developers are moving primarily to develop for handhelds rather than home consoles

MasterCornholio1339d ago

Thats one thing that the big consoles lack in is Japanese games. Sad but true.


MasterCornholio1339d ago

It does have its flaws but regardless its a very nice piece of hardware. Its a shame that the software isn't on the same level but there's still plenty of quality titles on it.

darfour1339d ago

its 100000% true wat u said
cammon ....SONY WORLD ...makke a good software get microsoft to do it idf its hard on u

darfour1339d ago

its true vita is so awesome ..dunno why ppl focus on 3ds !!
great build quality
great specification
nice look
great oled screen never seen before
great titles too ....yea great titles dragons crwon ,killzone , teraway...sooo many...virtua tennis 4 ...
all cant be played on 3ds like on vita ...just a low screen with more kiidy games than mature gamers ...
anyway thats my opinion ...Vita is the next big thing ...looking fpr vita 3000

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