PS4 o’clock – error CE-34878-0, PS Plus February games & Killzone Shadow Fall clans

OPM: Here’s this week’s PS4 o’clock with details on PlayStation error code CE-34878-0, new game info including Outlast hitting PS Plus in February, and Killzone Shadow Fall finally getting clans.

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Zefros1635d ago

wait, if i allready have downloaded don't starve and resogun, will i still keep them when they remove them from instant collection?

Monolith1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Yes. Also, say you delete them from your hard drive, you can always go back on to the PlayStation store and redownload them from your downloads list.

Monolith1635d ago

And another tip. Always download all the free games. As long as you have PS plus you will always be able to redownload

jmc88881635d ago

Don't take my word as gospel, as I too am new to PS+...but from what I understand when you download it, it considers it 'bought', and thus your account should always be able to redownload say if your console failed and you got another one.

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