Microsoft Investing to Make Xbox One "the Leading Next Gen Console;" Boasts Excitement for Titanfall

Microsoft announced its earnings for the fiscal quarter ended on December the 31st yesterday, and during the earnings call Chief Financial Officer Amy Hood shared enthusiasm and excitement for the future of the Xbox One while answering to questions from investors and analysts.

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Septic1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

" So I’d continue to think about our investment in being the leading next generation console as certainly extending."

I wish them all the luck in the world but I predict that Microsoft will be in second place for the entirety of this generation. It isn't an indictment on their performance as much as it is a recognition of just how well Sony are doing.

ShugaCane1489d ago

The PS3 ended up beating the 360 despite a catastrophic launch... So I cannot imagine how Microsoft could possibly beat Sony, with the release of the PS4 being a tremendous success. Plus, so many games to look forward to (Infamous, Uncharted 4, The Order, etc...).

Septic1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

"The PS3 ended up beating the 360 despite a catastrophic launch..."

So theoretically, MS could do the same (although I highly doubt that will happen). Nothing is set in stone but the foundation of one of the two companies is rock solid at this point.

I don't think the 360 were 'beat' so to speak. The strides MS made last gen were very impressive. Sony 'won' in the sales race in the end but MS amassed a great deal of goodwill and made a massive dent on Sony's market share.

This gen, as Sony reclaims its glory days of old, MS will be right on its tail, not in the lead, but striving to get as close as possible to its competitor.

THAT situation, for us gamers, is brilliant and this 'drive' to try and make the X1 the leading next-gen console benefits us all.

It's like watching two sexy girls fighting over you. The Xbox One is an ex girlfriend, really clingy and now stalks you always (Kinect). The relationship started so well but in the last three years, she left a lot to be desired. Now she wants you back and is trying really hard. She's gained a bit of weight and carries a lot of unnecessary baggage and tries really hard to keep up with the other girl you have your eyes on.

The PS4 is that girl you knew in High School. She was your closest friend. You two were almost inseparable, some epic memories but she kind of made some bad decisions when she started College, mixed with the wrong crowd as she got really popular and was really high maintenance. As she finished college though, she found herself again and whilst you were dating the first girl and had your troubles, you started noticing that the she was winning you over again. She was going to the gym, making alll kinds of gains. Dat saw the glimmer in her eyes as she smiled at you. You remember what love was really about. You feel a pang of regret deep down. You breakup with your 360.

Now, as a result of her hard work, she's (PS4) slim, sexy and really powerful. The future looks really bright and whilst you are worried and feel a bit guilty about your ex, you just don't think she can compete with your re-acquainted friend. It was her fault after all. She betrayed you. She was getting popular and started mingling with the other so-called cool kids, jocks and whatnot. Then she realised it was YOU that made her what she is all this time. She wants you back...deseprately.

But, the Sony girl is where the relationship rightfully lies. After all, you were together all those years ago, sharing those golden years.'s Friday and I've lost my mind at the office.

Angeljuice1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )


Seriously, how are you going to buy games if you lose your job due to taking time out to write mindless waffle at work such as you just posted?
Maybe you need a new job that stimulates your mind more and keeps you concerned with productivity rather than trivialities.

A black mark against your name good sir!! :-)

ZodTheRipper1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

I think that Microsoft lost this war almost a year ago ;D

It'll only get worse as the first system sellers arrive on PS4.

ShugaCane1489d ago


"It's like watching two sexy girls fighting over you. The Xbox One is an ex girlfriend....."

That's were you lost me lol

Pogmathoin1489d ago

Well said Septic, a good piece of common sense. Both these companies wanting to out do each other is obviously good for us, all those disagrees are just from lil babies wrapped up by momma... Angeljuice, bang on, why I will keep this short :)

Mikefizzled1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

At the end of the day you make your money on software usually and MS sold 70m more games. Plus the requirement of gold for multiplayer meant they made a killing last Gen. Regardless of whether they deserved it.

JokesOnYou1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Well truthfully micro went from about 25mil sold with the original xbox vs I think a 120mil ps2's at that time to capturing basicly a even split at 80mil with 360 and ps3, and I keep hearing ps3 sold more but last I heard sonys 80mil was announced after 360 reached that for ps3 with a late start means it sold faster but the bottom line is at the start of next gen sales were practical even at worst for micro and considering 360 sales continue to very well in US /UK largest markets during Christmas it might be slightly ahead still. If someone has some official numbers saying otherwise please share the link, either way going from complete domination to a virtually dead even is definitely a success....whoever says they can't do the same or improve is foolish, there are so many things that can change, one of which is key will be in the latter years I suspect micro can cost reduce X1 more so than sony given the cost to make them and micro started higher and financially can afford to lose more if they chose to at some point, so many other services and games to come, it's going to be a long gen and nothing is set in stone.

Bring it on micro, best games so far this gen, and I can't wait to add the first big new shooter IP Titanfall to my ALL digital collection.

DoubleM701489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

They both sold 80 million consoles a peace. Microsoft sold more software and accesories than Sony. What category did they beat Microsoft in? Even with PS3 exclusives combined they couldn't muster enough to beat Halo 3....Love both consoles but those are facts.

AceBlazer131489d ago

@Joke ps1 sold 100 mil ps2 150mil ps3 80 mil. Xbox 25mil, 360 80mil.

Basically wat i'm trying to say is, microsoft's best is equal to sony's worst.So what exactly has lead some of you to believe the xbox can ever beat PlayStation ? Microsoft is the only one of the three that has yet to get a console pass 100 mil, so where do you guys get this trust that you have in microsoft ?They abandoned their last 2 consoles halfway through wat makes any of u think they won't again ?

ShwankyShpanky1489d ago

And of course some people like to pretend that the 360 numbers weren't boosted by people buying RROD replacements.

Hey, I'll admit it, I bought a replacement for one 80GB soft-BC PS3 that went YLOD after six years, but I actually fixed my YLOD model and sold it to a friend for $50 to use as a media box. Doesn't really compare to people that bought 3, 4, 5 replacements for RRODs that ended up in landfills (and we all know that some people did *buy* RROD replacements... not everyone got a warranty replacement).

dedicatedtogamers1489d ago

Why is this news? This is the same song and dance we've seen for several years: Microsoft super-hyped (and super-advertises) one or two gamers per year and then in between there's a drought of first-party software.

Microsoft, you do not have a track record of being the leading console. You do not have a track record of taking care of your gamers over the long-term. If you're talking about "investement" (a.k.a "let's throw money at the problem") right NOW, it is going to be years before gamers see the benefits.

Eddie201011489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

People don't realize that the Xbox 360 was on the market in the US a year longer and in Europe and Australia a year and a half longer (all that time without any competition for the generation), giving the Xbox 360 a 7 million head start in hardware and a big head start in accessories and software.

Even with the PS3 releasing later and being behind by 7 million it still in the end surpassed Xbox 360's consoles sold. Had they released at the same time the PS3 would probably sold many more than the Xbox 360 world wide considering, since it's release the PS3 has sold better nearly every month (world wide) than the Xbox 360.

dcbronco1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Mikefizzled has a good point about game sales. Sony didn't start making a profit on the PS3 until after 2009. MS has made one on each console for years. Probably back to 2006. Plus they led in sales on many of the best selling titles. Add the ten dollar per copy game sales and the money made on Live subscriptions and MS has made a very good profit on the 360. Contrary to what analyst say. Their talk is about short selling and stock manipulation. Not telling the truth. And sometimes they are just plain ignorant of how the industry works.


People go on and on about the drought of first party games. Sony made a lot of first party titles that sold a million or two copies. Some less. And most took a lot of time to hit the marks they are at now. These are businesses. Not your toys. And since this is about leading the industry, industry are led by success. Which means money made. And there MS had a clear advantage.

I'm sure if you asked and they answered honestly, Sony would admit to wishing they had MSs financial outcome over theirs. Victories in business can't be based on popularity, they have to be based on profits.

MetaReapre1489d ago

What are you doing on here? You should be writing stories! Lol seriously I was really enjoying that story of how the consoles were like girls.

Anyway, the way I see it, if history repeats itself Microsoft may pull into first place with sales of they try hard, but if they get there they might get too comfortable again and let the first party stuff slip away into silence, referring to the 360's later years.

mcstorm1489d ago

What I find funny is people on this site are too stuck up to come and say well yea of course Microsoft are going to try and make the Xbox one the number one selling console as this is also what Sony and Nintendo are trying to do. Also yes the ps3 did end up catching up with the 360 but the Wii was the best selling console last gen. Get over your selfs enjoy the console you want for the game you bought it for and leave the sales numbers to inverters etc as it really dose not have an impact on your life.

Godmars2901489d ago

"The strides MS made last gen were very impressive."

And they pretty much pissed them away, stomping on them for good measure, by resting on their laurels with the 360, letting 3rd parties carry them, then all of the early XB1 announcements.

ovnipc1489d ago

Ps3 didnt sell more they counted repairs as sales. But lets say they sold more. Still xbox has more software attachment rate than ps3. Software make money not consoles. And sony 90% of last gen was losing money on the console like dramcast. Xbox 360 its a better console and more powerfull sorry but its the truth. Ever the developers of skyrim and witcher said it. More powerfull and easier to develop.

SonofGod1489d ago

Both PS3 and Xbox 360 has sold almost exactly the same (around 80 million). Both consoles had catastrophic launches (Xbox 360 RROD with 51% failure rate and PS3 fat version being waaay too expensive). Xbox 360 was definitely the winner of previous generation just because of the fact that it was more powerful (and don't even try with a CELL argument) and developers said it was easier to develop for.

The PS3 didn't even have party chat! Sony even admitted (finally in 2011) that the PS3 didn't have enough RAM to use party chat.

Disagree all you want i'm still right.

VforVideogames1488d ago

Yes i remember how high sony had to climb with the horrible PS3 fiasco. Well the same its going to happen but this time on XB1 favor.

JasonKCK1488d ago

Since when was the PS3/360 gen considered over? Both are still being supported and sold, that gen isn't over yet.

liquidhalos1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

I agree, another factor is gamers like myself who played mainly on 360 last gen being finished with the brand. The last 2 years of being on a 360 was difficult to say the least, apart from the obligatory halo, forza and GOW (of which I suffer from massive fatigue) they didn't give me very much to play.

That coupled with the launch fiasco (DRM, Always on, TV, TV, TV, NFL and Prism) meant that I just don't want to support them any more.

Its Microsoft fatigue, im just tired of all the nonsense, If I got an Xbox ONE, I would be worried that half way through the consoles life MS would just go back to the way there were with 360, barely any 1st party games, heavy kinect support with wii like games and a like it or lump it attitude.

They can change their image for new potential customers, but there are quite a few of gamers in my position who just wont go back.

Live liquidhalos (acc now inactive)

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r1sh121489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Yeah i mean MS are doing better than they did with the 360 - but Sony are miles ahead.

@Shugacane - Sony did win by a margin at the end, but that was also due to Microsoft's stupidity with Kinect and all the casual B.s. It wasnt too long ago when the someone from Naughty Dog (I think) was saying 2011 MS could have won it from there.

It really goes to show, how bad decisions cost MS a victory.

I think @Septic has hit the nail on the head, MS are doing better than the 360 launch but Sony are doing so much better than the Xbone launch.
They learned from each and every mistake and used it to benefit Sony.

Regardless I believe titanfall will be a great game, but I am definitely not buying it for Xbone.
I still dont have a next gen console, but when I do it will be the PS4. It just gives better value for money.

The only thing I wish I could get on the PS4 is the xbox controller, I think its better than the PS4 controller.

Back to titanfall - It looks like CoD on steroids, the good kind of steroids.
I will wait to see the general consensus on the game but all in all I am excited for it.

MS do have a decent amount of exclusives, but when you pit the xbone with the PS4 no matter what exclusives the xbone has the PS4 is just much better value, which is why its doing so much better in sales.

MS really need to drop the price of console, then get all this TV BS out the picture and go back to games.

LOL @Septic - Two sexy girls fighting over you haha
Turn it into a three.... LOOOL

infectedaztec1489d ago

MS shipped 3.9M consoles and has a lot of territories to move into. Is Sony really trouncing it in sales?

There really is no denying (except if you're a fan boy in denial lol) that the better exclusives are on the xbox this year.

Every Sony ponys go to exclusive (as to why to buy a PS4) is Uncharted - that doesn't even have a release date and wont be out this year.

If I had a PS4 I'd be pretty desperate for the Order to come out this year because other than that, the only big AAA exclusive is Infamous and that really doesn't do it for me. Not to worry - there is great multiplats on the way.

Have you noticed the xbots always point out Titanfall, QB and Halo as great exclusives? They are all coming out this year (starting in March)! Of course theres others like D4, sunset OD etc. but I don't consider these top AAA exclusives the same way I don't consider don't stare, welome to the rapture or resogun as top exclusives.

Buy an Xbox if you want to play, buy a ps4 if you want to wait

AsunaYuukiTheFlash1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Buy a PS4 if you want to play games in 1080p 60 fps.

pornflakes1489d ago

"Yeah i mean MS are doing better than they did with the 360 - but Sony are miles ahead"

With WHAT are they miles ahead?? Games? I don't think so.. at least right now.

Hardware? Yeah on the paper... we can see that the x1 can easly handle georgous graphics, RYSE is the best example for that.

Sony belongs half Hollywood and they cant even give a great video market place to their consumers.

I don't have a next gen console yet, last gen i had both but at the end i sold my PS3 because i like XB LIVE and the controller better.

Right now i am more tending to the XOne, just becasue i think that the NEW exclusive IPs are ahead of Sonys.

Rockstar1489d ago

"There really is no denying (except if you're a fan boy in denial lol) that the better exclusives are on the xbox this year."

You don't have to be a fanboy in denial to have different tastes!

For me the better exclusives are on the PS4 for now and forever. I don't care for titanfall,Halo, forza, (on the fence for Ryse). I like Gears, A couple of the Fable games, Dead rising 3 looks sweet...and then what?

Also Sony has a proven track record games wise IMO. They've never let me down. Looking forward to Infamous very soon!

Kribwalker1489d ago

Greatness awaits and waits and waits and waits lol

r1sh121489d ago

Miles ahead - They are doing better in sales,
most multiplat games are running 1080p 60fps.
The FPS from 30--> 60 is a massive difference in gameplay.

H0RSE1489d ago


"Buy a PS4 if you want to play games in 1080p 60 fps."

- I have a PC for that... I bought an X1, hell, a console in general, for reasons other being able to play games looking and performing at their best...

Sevir1488d ago

infectedaztec... Yes MS shipped 3.9 million xbo in 2013, but sold only 3 million. Sony has at Least SHIPPED 4.2 million consoles as of dec 28th 2013, and we know that because They've announced that they've SOLD 4.2 million units to its customers. thats pretty telling when it comes to demand.

you can very much deny it because its a subjective opinion. No one knows how any of those games will review and how they'll perform. MS hass pretty much announceds its big guns for the 2014 year, and thats fine. Titan fall right now is the big thing that MS is talking up, not much of halo, we dont know anything about Sunset Overdrive, and quantum break looks interesting and black tusk has been teasing

mean while, Sony's big game studios have been tricking out of the woodworks. We already know about the Order, there is just as much media buzz surrounding Infamous Second son, and there's a following for Driveclub, and then ofcourse everyone is DYING to see something on the Next uncharted. and we still havent seen what media molecule, sony Santa Monica's 2 new games are, what Sony Bend Studio is working and GG's second game which also happens to be a new IP, and ofcourse there's Sony's Japan studio who's hard at work on 2 new Ip's for PS4.

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Volkama1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

If Sony can cost reduce at the same rate of faster than MS then yes, the numbers race is pretty much over. The vast bulk of the 80million 360/PS3 owners are the ones that buy at £200 or less. And it's likely Sony can cost-reduce faster, GDDR is their only real obstacle and you'd think the custom hardware in the Kinect will be more challenging than that.

But install base isn't all that matters, and install base relative to competitors matters even less.

Software and paid services are where the money is, and MS have a good handle on the paid services side of things. That's the direction of the whole company, not just the XBox division.

I'm sure the investors see money as the real measure of success, not how many people are playing Halo.

Magicite1489d ago

''Microsoft Investing to Make Xbox One "the Leading Next Gen Console'' - Not gonna happen, try all you want.

medman1489d ago

Microsoft should have invested in making a better console. Sony is kicking their a$$ up and down the block. Film at 11.

Bdub20001489d ago

@septic, that is a really well thought statement. The X1 may do great things and be successful, but Sony did do a great job and may be catering to the larger hardcore audience which could equal more sales throughout this gens life cycle.

ShinMaster1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Theoretically, MS CAN'T do the same.

Xbox One doesn't have any of the advantages that the 360 had over the PS3. And PS4 doesn't have some of the PS3's limitations either.

360 was cheaper by up to $200. Easier to develop for while the PS3's architecture was more complex and pushed away smaller developers. 360 had a 1 year head start, building hype, an install base and games. Etc. Yet PS3 still managed to get just ahead. How? The PlayStation brand is simply stronger worldwide.
360 was as good as it got for Xbox.

UncleGermrod1488d ago

I have to agree. It will never be ps2 vs xbox again, MS simply grabbed too much market share last gen, but I could see them hitting at least 60-70-80 million units while sony hits 80-90-100 respectively, depending on where the console market goes in the coming years (things are looking good though).

BLADE20341487d ago

Sony is doing well 50 countries w 4.2m consoles shipped. X1 shipped 3.9m consoles in 13 countries. Add to fact all the negative press, $100 premium price. Uh, it seems MS is doing the better job overall. I have both so all good for me. But I haven't touched my PS3.5 (that's what it is btw). Now on to games? Uh wtf Sony? MS has titanfall and halo coming out. PLEASE don't say KZ, that franchise blows. So what's next? InFamous? God I hope Naughty Dog hurries up. As of nos I bought ANOTHER Sony Blu Ray player waiting for a truly great game.

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Wizziokid1489d ago

Competition is good for business so it's good they have this drive because it will push Sony to do more also.. It should also make Nintendo realise the mistakes they have made I hope. I'd love to see the make a comeback with a system contender in the future.

mcstorm1489d ago

I agree I hope Nintendo can pull the sales back with the WiiU as I am loving the Nintendo exclusives on the WiiU. I am also looking forward to seeing what MS do this this gen I have a Xbox one and am enjoying Forza 5 and KI and looking forward to Titan fall in the next few months. That said no matter what console you want the most its a great time to be a gamer.

skydragoonity1489d ago

Goodluck with that M$.... We all know which console will dominate this gen

DoesUs1489d ago

Not happening. Sony will lead to from start to finish.

akurtz1489d ago

more games!!! nuff said

Angeljuice1489d ago

Unsold consoles on shelves!!! Inferior multiplats!!! Too many eggs in one titanfall shaped basket!!! nuff said

JeffGUNZ1489d ago

That's the worst argument Angel. "Unsold consoles on shelves!" So, when did having enough supply for retailers become a bad thing? Only on The games argument is awful too. This year, what AAA exclusives does sony have coming? Infamous is the closest to it, perhaps the order my do well, but it is nothing compared to what Titanfall & Halo, not to mention if QB comes out by years end as rumored. Right now, X1 has the best games out and coming out in 2014. That can change with a drop of a hat if Sony announces some more games which I Think both companies will do come E3.

Convas1489d ago

Having a good supply on hand for customers is a bad thing.

I've heard everything now!

Angeljuice1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

@ JeffGunz

"So, when did having enough supply for retailers becomea bad thing?"

When you launch a product you want demand to be as high as possible. Of course it is a bad thing if there isn't enough demand to use up your supplies, it means the market is saturated with your product.
This means you can make as much product as you like but your'e never going to sell at a faster rate.

Would you prefer to sell everything you make or three quarters of everything you make every month?

Also from a consumer point of view, if one product is sold out everywhere whilst it's main rival lingers on shelves, you're likely to ask yourself "why does everybody want product A over product B?" the obvious answer is its a better product.

Perception is key during a launch period. A sold out product is always more desirable.

DoubleM701489d ago

@angel the demand is high. It's outpacing the 360 at this point in it's life cycle. It may not have the demand of the PS4, but it's doing pretty good. Also the Xbox main territory is North America, so they keep the product in stock. You all need to stop looking at this stuff one-sided. You may love the PS4 it's nothing wrong with that. The Xbox is doing pretty well.

The average consumer is not looking at framerate resolution they just want to play games. The hardcore gamer is small compared to the general public.

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