The Crew's Cockpit Will Be Customizable And HUD Removable

You can do free drive and competition in third-person view or cockpit view. In cockpit view, you can see real interior based on real world vehicles as well as modified interior depending on the dress of the car (Full stock, Dirt, Perf…). Besides, you will see your hands, and predictably the action of your in-game character.

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dcj05241578d ago

Why this isn't in all games is beyond me.

Rainstorm811578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

I feel like this game is flying under peoples radar.......if executed properly this game could be pretty damn good....better than the NFS milking

Fall 2014 will be stacked

Duke191578d ago

Love the removable hud - definitely needs to be in more games.

Id be more excited about the customizable interiors, but I suck at driving games in cockpit mode haha

Ripsta7th1578d ago

I used to suck at them too until i started playing GT5. The interiors looked nice for some cars and i ended up getting used to it