Playstation Now – Will the world ever be the same again


"Like many many people out there, I am incredibly excited about the prospect of Playstation Now. Having not played a PS3 last generation I would love the opportunity to catch up on some of the stunning explosive games such as The Last Of Us, check out the origins of the titles I plan to play on my PS4 and to also see some conclusions of the games I loved to play on the PS2. As a Vita owner I have also seen how great playing PS1 titles have been, getting Spiro and FFIX immediately upon turing the thing on. I think that this is very typical for a lot of gamers, especially now that money and misguided loyalty make people stick to one console only. (See how I managed to get all the Sony consoles in there!)."

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Septic1519d ago

I think it's a natural step forward and I was quite impressed with OnLive when I tried it but it did need work.

It all depends on how well it functions to be honest. What will the visual fidelity actually be like in average homes. Things like response times etc.

If it does work as well as we're led to believe then that will be a game changer, not just for PlayStation Now but also cloud gaming as a whole. What's then stopping consoles from streaming games at Ultra High PC settings?

PlayStation Now needs to capitalise by also working with PS Plus; so that I can play PS3 games on my PS4 for free (if I have PS+). But I'm really really excited for it.

ThinkBadMonkey1519d ago

I think at the very least there will be a massive incentive for PS+ members, while it may not be free it will be heavily discounted. PS+ May even have 2 packages, one without Now and one with.

It will be incredibly interesting how Microsoft respond to this and possibly see what they have in mind to handle backward compatibility.

rustyspoon801519d ago

I used to play OnLive on my Xperia Play and it worked pretty well so long as you had 5mb+ connection.

I'd love to be able to dust off the X-Play and play PS3 games. Or Sony should bring out a X-Play 2 once Now launches.

I think this is the start of the future. PS5 will be a very different proposition depending on how well Now does.

1519d ago
Sokol1519d ago

It all depends on the quality of the streaming service. At this time, we really don't know the pricing, which titles are going to be available and how will average home user experience differ.

Look forward to trying it out for myself.

DeadRabbits1519d ago

Playstation Now is the gaming Tornado that tore apart the M$ Cloud!

truechainz1519d ago

Need more details, but I like the idea. I'm gonna need my isp to be on their game though.