iPhone game controllers: A solution in search of a problem

There seems to be a minor trend forming around the creation of console-style controllers for mobile phones. But who are these controllers for, when the games produced for mobile devices are specifically optimised for them.

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plut0nash1669d ago

The issue is the software support. If all mobile games supported HID then this wouldn't be an issue.

lord zaid1669d ago

No that's actually irrelevant. Well not, irrelevant, but not nearly as important as game availability. Most iOS, or even Android, users will never have a need for this. The games made for these devices don't require them, hence the gamers that use them, won't require them either.

plut0nash1666d ago

The games will come with time. Introduction of controllers helps.

Choc_Salties1669d ago

I suppose, in a pinch, i could probably find a driver for my PS3's controller to work with my droid. The pinch would have to be really, really serious...

DesVader1669d ago

Some of these controllers do make it easier to play certain games. I really struggle with some of the games not so much.

HanCilliers1669d ago

I have mixed feelings abt this - should mobile games even go the way of controllers, doesn't that defeat the whole mobility thing of playing games on mobile?