Nintendo Wii U comparison with Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One logical?

A unique perspective on comparing Nintendo's Wii U with Sony's PS4 and Xbox One.

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Metallox1636d ago

The Wii U it's a niche console, for Nintendo fans only, that's why it can't compete on sales with PS4 and Xbox One. It's the true, but it's not bad, in fact, I can't wait for the next moves that it's going to make Nintendo.

wonderfulmonkeyman1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

No, it's having trouble competing for several key reasons:

Lack of advertisement.
Lack of information being passed out quickly on new and highly-anticipated upcoming titles.
A lack of incentives to buy current bundles.[they should add a Pro controller into all bundles ALONGSIDE the game pad, without raising or lowering the price of the bundle. Multiplayer right out of the box, an alternative controller to placate whiners, more value per bundle]
A lack of focus on the many, MANY franchises they STILL have waiting in the wings for attention.[they should increase their teams more often. Retro and Monolith hiring people is a good, but still small, first step]

Being "niche" isn't the issue. It's got a broader appeal that just isn't being given the chance to shine, with the way the system is currently being handled.

It's not going to be a niche console forever, if it even is one now.
3DS started out with people saying it was niche, but now it's anything BUT.
Wii U has that same potential, despite what haters would have you believe.
Nintendo just needs to get their ass in gear.

cleft51636d ago

The $300 price tag for the WiiU makes it comparable to the $400 PS4. That is Nintendo's biggest problem. At $300 a gamer is going to be thinking, why buy this console when I can spend a $100 more for the most power Next-gen console. That comparison, rather logical or illogical is greatly hurting them. Nintendo has to do something drastic to kill this comparison and that is going to mean a price cut of some kind.

It's not that people don't want to buy the WiiU, it's that at $300 why wouldn't you pay a little more for the far superior (power wise) console.

wonderfulmonkeyman1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

@ Cleft;
there's something you're overlooking, though; it's more than $400 for a PS4.
Plus a game and plus a Vita for off-TV play, you're spending well over that amount.
A Wii U bundle comes packed with both, and packing in a pro controller would easily make it the better deal of the two regardless of how much more powerful the PS4 is.[more power doesn't intrinsically make its games of a higher quality; that's down to game design, and so far, none of the big 3 have gotten that "WOW" title yet.]

Another fact people seem to forget is that another price cut to the Wii U would be harmful to its long-term profitability.
It would enter a pseudo-PS3 stage where it wouldn't make profit for Nintendo for YEARS, and that's not something they want to have happen.
Besides, haven't we learned anything from the PS3's price woes, after seeing the right games sell the system to people that would otherwise have skipped on something so high in price?

Nintendo can make that happen, too, with the right games.

A price cut wouldn't help them at this point, and to be even more fair, there are PLENTY of online retailers that periodically do DISCOUNTED BUNDLES for the Wii U.

People asking for a price cut no longer have an excuse when cheap bundles are online and waiting.

Metallox1636d ago

It's too late. Better to maintain support for the console around 2-3 years and then release another console.

zero_gamer1636d ago

The Wii U panders to a market that only the Wii U can pander to: Nintendo fans. PS4 and XOne market to similar consumer demographics.

kopicha1636d ago

It will be compared regardless. Think the article is quite silly. Put yourself in Nintendo's business pov. You think they are out to do a niche business? No... They would want a place in everybody's home as well. Especially with the launch of Wii U, look at the way they promote it, it is clear that they want to be the console of everyone's household and not merely for Nintendo fans. But up till now they fail to do so. More over Wii U is one system that seriously hard to have a place of it's own. It is not like the original Wii at least. At least not from the level of innovation or being so special that it can be in it's own realm. I personally grew up with Nintendo since game and watch days. Even to me, I will still compare them. It is like when 3DS and PS Vita being compared to tablets and mobile phones. Despite they aint the same thing. But simple because both does mobile gaming, regardless people will compare it. So the same thing would go to Wii U. It play games on TV so people will compare it to other comparable systems out there.

DC7771636d ago

Well it does have it's niche. It is the family and kid friendly console. It is the Nintendo game franchise console. It's a fine line but who really wants their kid blowing heads off in COD or something? Regardless, it's being allowed to happen and that is what has changed a bit.

mmj1636d ago

The article might explain why Wii was such a success but what is the Wii U's excuse?

DualWielding1636d ago

That its too expensive for its target audience, its price, especially the launch one was a price only hardcore gamers are gonna pay for a gaming console..

mmj1636d ago

I agree, I've been saying the same thing for weeks but I always get my head bitten off by irate Nintendo fans.

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