Carmageddon Is Free Right Now

Legendary pedestrian killer has gone free for a small time on App Store. Details and trailer on the jump.

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iosgamer1420d ago

I still play Carmageddon a lot.... just it's called GTA V and I don't get a cunning stunt bonus.

NeoTribe1420d ago

There not even similar. Carmageddon is more like twisted metal but racing.

Tiqila1420d ago

no racing in twisted metal?

iosgamer1420d ago

Well all I do is drive on the sidewalk and run people over, so it is similar to me.

Hellsvacancy1420d ago

And to think this game was once banned, or they tried to ban it, looking at the trailer comparing it to modern "violent" video games you can really see how far we've come

I spent so many hours playing Carmageddon when I was a kid

SlappingOysters1420d ago

I remember having this game around the same time I got Worms Resurrection. Those two games delivered more laughs and fun with my brothers than the entire 2000s combined.