Mysterious New Namco Bandai x CyberConnect2 Teaser Site Appears

Hardcore Gamer: Good news conspiracy theorists, Namco Bandai has launched a new site teasing a collaboration with CyberConnect2.

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Snookies121666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

I was about to question why there were phones in the tags for this article until I read it...

Why tease a phone game? It just doesn't make sense to me...

I really dislike phone games, but that's just me. If I want to game, it's going to be on an actual system. 3DS/Vita on the go, PC/PS3(4)/Xbox 360(One) at home.

admiralvic1666d ago

Phone games do well in Japan, so that makes some sense. I know when I buy my One Piece manga, there is always 1+ advertisement for phone something in there.

ElasticLove1666d ago

It Looks like either a new One Piece or a Tales of game (Just a guess).

admiralvic1666d ago

Smart money says One Piece, but this is just an educated guess.

Namco Bandai and CyberConnect2 typically make anime games.
CyberConnect2 has made Naruto and JoJo games, which are both Jump series as is One Piece (Namco has also published various other Jump series games).
The map looks like the map you see under the One Piece manga dust cover.

However, this really could be anything. That is, besides interesting.

nope1111665d ago

A One Piece game from CyberConnect2 would be amazing.

TheWackyMan1665d ago

What's Namco Bandai? I only know Bandai Namco.

animegamingnerd1665d ago

its probably a One Piece game its my best guess

PS4isKing_821665d ago

Cyber connect 2 is known for asura's wrath, naruto ultimate ninja series, .hack, and the new jojo game coming out soon. Can't wait to see what game they unveil.

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