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Snookies121706d ago

This game looks fantastic, can't wait for it to come out.

PockyKing1706d ago

This is really becoming my most anticipated game of this year. I love survival horror and I'm personally afraid of caves. My friends in my dorm are going to love watching me play this. Can't wait!

Snookies121706d ago

Yeah, I've been following it for a while now, as I too am a huge fan of survival horror. Throw in caves which I am fascinated with, and building/survival elements... Well, let's just say this thing is getting pre-ordered.

PockyKing1706d ago

We've done a couple interviews with them now and the game has only sounded better and better. The games being developed by 3 full time guys and some part time outsourcerd. Its insane what their doing.

ABizzel11705d ago

Yeah I've been seeing this gave pop up every now and then, and I'm surprised it hasn't received more attention then it's getting, because it's an open world survival horror games with amazing graphics, looks like great gameplay, and all this is being done by a 3 man team.

I reminds me so much of that movie "The Descent" about those women getting lost in the caves, and the monster people trying to eat them.

So excited for this.

RedSoakedSponge1706d ago

looks fantastic. the kind of game i have been waiting a long time for :D

anyone know when we will be able to play this?

DoctorJones1706d ago

When it comes out.

Only joking, early this year apparently from what I read in the interview.

RedSoakedSponge1706d ago

ooooo! well sooner the better imo.

ThyMagicSword1706d ago

I would like to see a creature made of claws or teeths, which appears in a dark forest or some kind of 'strange / possessed' human-like existence with an axe. like a lumberjack. 'The Forest' would be the perfect title for it.

starchild1706d ago

I've been following this game for quite a long time and I am getting really anxious to play it. Looks so unique.

skyrimer1705d ago

Best thing is that it supports Oculus Rift yay!