Alien: Isolation Looks Promising - Very Promising

SheAttack: "After the last Aliens game, I’m sure several of us are a little wary of anything affiliated with that particular IP. With that being said, I personally have high hopes for Alien: Isolation. Alien: Isolation brings back that feeling of true vulnerability; that your well-being is in imminent danger."

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Meltic1635d ago

I hope it isnt like the other shit game. I aint giving this a chance unless i see a full gameplay video. Not only hiding from Alien but to fight it and more.

MysticStrummer1635d ago

Until we get to see more, the headline reminds me of "The area is secure, Ripley."

Sokol1635d ago

Finally, an Alien game where it's supposed feel like you were going to get ripped in pieces on every corner.
Less pew pew and more survival horror, that's how Alien game should be made. :)

Very much look forward to this installation after the uther mess Colonial Marines were.

Neonridr1635d ago

so did Colonial Marines from the "gameplay" we were shown mere months before the game released.

Now I don't doubt Creative Assembly's talents, but I want to see more of the game before I make my purchase.

That being said, this game does look fantastic, and just another example of a survival/horror game done right.

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