Why Do We Have Console Wars?

Our collective infatuation with justifying our console purchases to random people on the Internet needs to stop. Now.

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kingdip901549d ago

Getting the fan base riled up and excited drives sales. The console wars help companies make early sales to their most core consumers. After that word of mouth moves consoles.

b163o11548d ago

They don't make it a console war, we do. These companies help each other out more then you may think. The fans make it personal...

kabala1548d ago

System wars been around since Atari vs Odysee. Back then the companies would make digs of each other thru their commercials. We would argue at school about it. For some great trash talk youtube intellivision baseball commercial. You will see Mattel make fun of Atari realsports baseball.

kabala1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

This helped fuel console wars back when i was in school. Those were fun times indeed. Atari did come back at the intellivion with a new baseball commercial starring Billy Martin saying only the pros play realsports baseball over the intellivision baseball lol. Then it went on with the Sega does what Nintendon't ads. So in the early years it was the companies that help fuel the wars and we listened chose sides and been fighting ever since.

thorstein1547d ago

It is for the same reason Red Sox Fans and Yankees Fans argue. It is the same reason Nationalism exists. It isn't limited to video games.

TomShoe1547d ago

That and if people can only buy one console, they have to self-justify that it's the "best" choice they could have made with their money.

That includes defending their console of choice from critics and supporters of other consoles. No one wants to feel like they made the "inferior" purchase.

FamilyGuy1547d ago

"justifying our console purchases"

Stopped right there.
It's not about justification, it's about being fans. Fans of ANYTHING have their reasons why they like one thing over another: Sports teams, fast food, technology, music genres or artist.

It's all about preference and some fans are just enthusiastic about their choices.

ArmrdChaos1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

"some fans are just enthusiastic about their choices".

Is that the politically correct description for online douchebag? You CAN be enthusiastic about something while remaining respectful of others, but more often than not that's not the case. It's nothing more than immaturity and insecurity showing through. They knock the other guy down so that they can feel "taller".

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parentoftheyear1548d ago

Because marijuana is legal in every state, there for no peace.

Sitdown1547d ago

And your post is a prime example of why marijuana is illegal in most states. :-/

b163o11547d ago

Not for long muuhahahaha

jessupj1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

I have no problem what so ever with nintendo fans. It's blind MS apologists that keep defending MS's anti gamer practises that piss me right off.

And until they stop defending them I'm going to keep calling them out.

Fireseed1548d ago

Speaking of calling people out, name a single "anti consumer policy" prior to the DRM fiasco...

jessupj1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Off the top of my head the numerous features they locked behind a paywall, the blocking 3rd party titles and DLC for a limited time coming to the PS3, and you might have been liing under a rock for a few years, but MS abandoned their core customers for the last half of the 360s life cycle to chase after that juicy casual pie.

You need more?

And I don't know why you asking me for examples before the DRM. Like the DRM somehow doesn't count.

And judging from my disagrees from my first post I've upset a few people. Maybe I should rephrase.

I have no problem people enjoying their preferred console, but anyone defending MS in every single article really agitates me.

n4rc1547d ago

And you blindly bashing ms in every single article is OK?

You are entitled to your misguided opinions.. Trying to force them on everyone else is what makes you a douche..

You come off as an entitled kid thats pissed off he had to wait for dlc or is jealous of some ms exclusives.. There's an easy solution for that ya know? Lol

MetaReapre1547d ago

Can I point out that prior to the xb1 DRM policies, Microsoft was the fan favorite and more people were bashing ps3 saying the 360 was the best for most of the generation. Its only been since the announcement of the xb1 that all of M$'s blunders have been happening. The only thing that was bad from them prior was they introduced paying for online play to consoles (correct me if I'm wrong about that but I didn't play online until the 360/ps3 era of gaming). I think like Sony with the PS2 going to ps3 they were blinded by the success of the 360 and are now getting all the negativity as backlash for it, however they are selling tons of xb1s and I don't know if they are going to recognize their mistakes because of it so they can learn from it.

maniacmayhem1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

I have no problems with gamers, it's sad fanboys who concern themselves with others choices or opinions of others that piss me off.

Until they stop being a Sony sheep hive mind I'm going to call them out.

Now there, after reading that, doesn't that sound just as silly and down right stupid? You are exactly why these stupid console wars exist and just one of the main sheep that makes this site such a kindergarten playground of child like behavior.

There are no more anti gamer practices, none that concerns you anyways if you are a Sony fan. Move on and start living your life.

Imalwaysright1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

"Until they stop being a Sony sheep hive mind I'm going to call them out. "

That kind of love needs to be shared with all fanboys, not just PS fanboys.

gcolley1548d ago

Are you trying to start a fanboy fight in an anti-fanboy article? Trolls gotta troll I suppose.

Sitdown1547d ago

So you have absolutely no problem with any Sony fans? And you sir are one of the fans I can take issue with.. only able and/or willing to see one side.

rainslacker1547d ago

In general, no console is really bad. It's usually the company that makes the console, or policies attached to it that people react to. A console just plays games, there's no reason to hate them.

Then of course spec wars used to justify console preference and such.:)

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ITPython1549d ago

Console wars, it exists because the dominant console gets the better multiplatform games. And believe it or not, players take that pretty seriously.

Also Sony and MS are at 'war' with each-other with their consoles, so it only stands to reason that the fans want to support the company they chose.

I have no issue with these so called wars, as it fuels the competition between the products.

norman1231548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

dominant PS2 made Sony so arrogant with PS3 when it was released. Third party is treated like alien.

PS4 attitude toward gamers today is due to PS3 failure with 3rd party support in early years.

xHeavYx1547d ago

New Xbox fan account blaming Sony for being arrogant... SMH
I guess you forgot the fact that MS tried to get away with stupid policies and had to retract them because no-one was preordering the One

MuhammadJA1549d ago

Because of websites like N4G and other fanboy materials approving and submitting fanboyish articles to generate hits. And the users are not smart either, they keep clicking on these articles and keep fighting the same war over and over.

Kayant1548d ago

Human culture. Choice. Websites sparking the fire basically.

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