Various Retailers List Mysterious New Sony Headset

Hardcore Gamer: Now that the PlayStation 4 is finally out, it seems Sony is releasing a new headset to go along with it.

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admiralvic1582d ago

-looks at my boring headset-

Why must you make such awesome things Sony. =[

JoGam1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

I knew it. I was tempted to buy the Sony Pulse Elite for my PS4 but I kept having the feeling Sony would release a new version for the PS4. Glad I waited.

I wonder if a Platinum version will also be available. I seen tge package of the headphones on another site and it had a gold trophy on it.

wsoutlaw871582d ago

pulse elite doesnt even work on ps4 yet

admiralvic1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

"I wonder if a Platinum version will also be available. I seen the package* of the headphones on another site and it had a gold trophy on it."

Well, heres two possible answers.

1) It could relate to something we don't know about the headset. Like it might be a feature or element that is not known.
2) Assuming the trophy thing is real, it could explain why these look like the two year old model instead of the pulse headset. It could be that Sony is using the gold (modeled after the original headset) as a basic version and a platinum version (modeled after the pulse) will be an upgraded version also offered or offered down the road.

Though, I really wouldn't spend too much time thinking about it.

* I also saw a picture of the packaging, but it was so pixelated that I doubt its legitimacy.

ZodTheRipper1582d ago

Pulse Elite works with a 3,5mm cable connected to the Dualshock4 and should work wireless in the next few weeks (I guess latest on Japanese launch day)

This "Gold" Headset lolks more like an affordable version of the Pulse and not like a real "successor" in terms of quality.

narked1581d ago


Pulse elite doesn't properly work as it should on PS4. Using the cable doesn't really use all it's functionality like VSS, Mic & Audio Balance, and rumble. My friends also said that I sound far off when I speak.

Sony mentioned they will be updating the software for the PS4 to recognise this, I hope it gets up soon.

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MastaMold1582d ago

It's looks okay I'll just stick with my pulse elite headset just waiting on that update to use them wireless

Sent from my Xperia Z1S

Volkama1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

Off-topic, but phones have no business posting signatures or tags on website comments. It's tacky.

Not having a dig at you, just don't like whoever had that idea in the first place :)

FamilyGuy1582d ago

Lol, they kind of remind me of Dre Beats, the special feature sounds cool if devs go that extra mile for it.

This is a good sign that the firmware update allowing wireless blu-tooth headsets to work will be coming soon.

I don't mind having headphones plugged in to my controller but I am use to being completely wireless from being a PS3 gamer for so long. More options are always great.

sobekflakmonkey1582d ago

Really? Those headphones look pretty cheap in build quality...the original PS Headset that was released is far better looking than those chunky things I just saw..

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ChaosKnight1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

YES! Finally I can shout insults at kids on Call of Duty in comfort!

WeAreLegion1582d ago about that support for Pulse?

dcj05241581d ago

Its already there. Just plug the headset inside the DS4

WeAreLegion1581d ago

The first Pulse headset doesn't have a cord. Only a USB adapter.

SniperControl1582d ago

Looks a bit plasticy for my liking, think I'll stick to my Pulse headphones for a while yet.

jessupj1582d ago

Still waiting for a patch for my official 7.1 PS headset to work with my PS4.

For me Sony and the saviours of gaming, but I find it a little ridiculous the official PS3 headset doesn't work on the PS4.

zeee1582d ago

I can't wait for it either.

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