Nintendo: Not Sinking. Out of Fuel. - Opinion

We all know this story. Nintendo has failed to differentiate between the Wii and the Wii U. Suddenly everyone wants them to abandon a struggling console while expecting them to go the way of SEGA. Nintendo’s critics have called for Nintendo to make games for rival platforms, including mobile devices and consoles but Nintendo has declined to do so.

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Starbucks_Fan1583d ago

somebody likes to use MS paint <_<

DeadRabbits1583d ago

To many warm fuzzy nostalgic feelings about Nintendo more like. I don't want them to fail but also to not ride their good name and brands into the ground!

MasterCornholio1583d ago

Nintendo just has a small leak in the boat which I'm sure they will be able to repair. But at the moment they will just have to bail water until they do.


WonderboyIII1583d ago

Time Sega and Nintendo joined against Sony and MS. I do not want Nintendo to follow the path of Sega. A Sega Nintendo console with Sega Nintendo exclusives and multiplatform support means Sony and MS might start turning their pants brown. MS and Sony were doing Windows, Office and TVs when Sega and Nintendo were innovating with gaming hardware and software.

jnthnbgg1583d ago

It astounds me the mob mentality you see from gamers today. I have been gaming for years and when N64 came out, Playstation, and Xbox (original) people were excited for all of them because it meant more game and more choices. I get having a favorite. As many young gamers may not get it, I am a HUGE Nintendo fan. Nintendo built the console industry. I grew up a wide eyed boy playing a hero saving princess Peach from the dreaded Bowser, Shooting sneaky ducks and an annoying giggling dog(wishful thinking), and exploring a world of amazing adventure in Zelda. So as the industry grew and got more advanced it was exciting (Super Nintendo, N64...)
~Then the best thing for the industry happened, competition. The grit and gravy of any industry. This pushed the industry to an entirely new level of advancements that led us where we are today.... a bunch of opinionated, whinny, spoiled little brats who think they hold the key/insight to an industry that existed long before them yet their tiny little intellect has so much to offer.
~I owned every console in the Gamecube, PS2, Xbox era because they all had something different to offer. Now that is not the case. Each console has its own exclusive games but in reality they are just another shooter, race game, adventure, so on... that the other consoles have their own of. So it has gone from wanting all consoles because they each have some exclusive title that the others can not match to a company preference. Don not try and tell me its all about power because then you would all be playing PCs. All systems are built on outdated, out powered GPUs and CPUs.
~So when you get on the internet to rant, rave, and swear at another because God forbid anybody have a different opinion than you, just remember that competition is what built your little fanboy system and without it and companies at the head of industries like Nintendo you have nothing. Just a loud mouth and a lot of time you could be doing something constructive in a world that actually exists.
~Just think without Nintendo you would still be playing on a PC. Without Microsoft you wouldn't have had titles like Halo that pushed the FPS games. Without Sony you wouldn't have Metal Gear Solid, GT, Namco games and more. So learn to appreciate competition, your the beneficiary. Now go play your games and shut up.