Watch Dogs on Wii U Cancelled? Not According to Amazon, GameStop NA, and EB Games Canada

A rumor has been going around that Watch Dogs on Wii U is cancelled. The source says that an “unnamed" user said GameStop’s in Italy are no longer taking pre-orders for the Wii U version of Watch Dogs. However, it seems like there is no real evidence to back that up, as Amazon is still taking pre-orders in Italy, American GameStop’s are still taking pre-orders, and Canadian EB Games are still taking pre-orders.

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ritsuka6661669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Don´t believe it. The game is not cancelled.

ritsuka6661669d ago

Still listed on Ubi page. Not cancelled ppeps.

Fanboyssuck271669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

I wonder if as many trolls and fanboys will be commenting on this FACTUAL article as much as they did on the other article with the anonymous writer. Mmmmmmmm

Im looking at you Lol wot, pcz and foxtrot. The biggest Nintendo/Wii U trolls on N4G lol
Your insecurities and hate for a company/console amuse me lol

Chrischi19881669d ago

Dont expect too much from the trolls, they only come, if there are stupid articles, which just perfectly fit for the trolls. Watchdogs is supposed to be the best version on Wii U, because of the great gamepad implementation. Not because of graphics. It is stupid to act like better graphics = better game, but better input does not, even though if thought out correctly, the input can be tailord perectly for that kind of game.

GenericNameHere1669d ago

You say GameStop NA and EB Canada, but the rumor came from GameStop ITALY. Maybe this is one of those games that comes out everywhere, except for one region. Watch Dogs might come out for Wii U in America and Japan, but not EU. Or maybe even just a few areas in EU. Maybe the UK even gets it, but Italy, Germany, Netherlands, etc don't?

Theyellowflash301669d ago

Then the rumor should have said 'Watch Dogs might be cancelled in Italy'. Cause whoever first reported on this didn't even bother to look online and see if other regions were accepting pre-orders.

Chrischi19881669d ago

It was said, tht Gamestop Italy remoed it from its page, but whatever. I know it were only big news, because it was trollfood. It is unbelievable, that gamers are such big haters and actually want one console to fail, they want other people not to be able to play the normal multiplats, they spread stupid rumors from no real sources, just to make the Wii U look bad, I dont get, what the problem of those people is, other than being in their puberty and not caring for anything, but their own stubborn behaviour. That was very childish and somehow I knew this was coming, because everything will come and rumors will spread about every game, why? Because they are just children playing adult.

stragomccloud1669d ago

Only trolls and fanboys want to believe otherwise. They'll take anything they can to trash talk the Wii U.

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The story is too old to be commented.