Four Things About The PS4 That Annoy Us

Nerdacy: I’ve played my PlayStation 4 quite a bit since I’ve gotten it and have found a few things–four things specifically–that annoy me, like many new products, but these things need to be either fixed or improved.

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GameSpawn1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

"Password doesn’t save"

This is the only one I'm going to pick on.
1) Security - I actually don't mind this.
2) Set your PS4 as your Primary System - Can only be one PS4 per PSN account (can't have multiple Primary PS4's - to simplify auto downloading of patches and PC PSN store purchases) and one PSN account per PS4 (multiple people cannot claim the same console as primary - to cut down game sharing). When the PS4 is set as your "Primary System" a trust relationship is created between that PS4 and the PSN auto-logging in the associated PSN account. The password is only required to change ANY account information and (optionally - enabled/disabled somewhere in the preferences for your PSN account) for all purchases. Haven't fully tested - Sub-Accounts (in theory) should gain the same benefits of auto-login as the Primary System PSN parent account holder.

GuruMeditation1581d ago

Have tested, and the sub accounts do appear to share this privilege.

ZodTheRipper1581d ago

I don't really agree with this list, these things don't "annoy" me.

The only thing that kind of annoys me about my PS4 is that I can't use some of the digital content without being signed into PSN. Until now, I fortunately didn't have any problems with that as my internet worked flawless ...but I know that someday this will be a problem. Otherwise I'm very happy with this console even though I'm missing wireless headset & 3D BluRay support ...but I can wait for those.

itBourne1581d ago

I may have a few, but I wouldnt know, since I have barely turned on my ps4 because Sony doesnt want to support their own damn $150 headset.

NeoTribe1581d ago

Plug it into the remote. Problem solved.

thorstein1581d ago

My password saves just fine. Don't know why this is such a difficult thing for nerdacy. Reading Is Fundamental after all.

FamilyGuy1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

"Password doesn’t save"

That's funny, I was annoyed by that as well till I realized that it signs me in automatically when I don't go to the password log in screen myself. I just turn it on, choose an account an in a few seconds it starts telling me who's online. Once it says that I know I'm signed in and never have to bother with inputting my password.

The controllers light bar doesn't bother me in the slightest.

The no sorting thing is probably the only thing that bugs me. I wish I could place them in an oder of my choosing or make my own albums for games and apps like on my PS3.

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ajax171582d ago

That's the best you can do nerdacy???

1nsomniac1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

The only legit complaint there is not being able to sort the UI.

Sony need to hurry up with some FW updates to fix the UI. I've already got a massive long list that I have to go through every time & I've only had it 2 months.

NukaCola1581d ago

I want to be able to delete apps from video tab that I don't care about. It's cluttered with all those pre-staged apps like NBA and Crunchyroll which I don't use.

joab7771581d ago

The clutter is a big one but folders r coming. I want to b able to stream content from my PC. Customization would b great too. And as far as the controller is concerned, I want to b able to turn off the lighter for another reason, to save on the battery. Otherwise, I am pretty damn happy.

DeadIIIRed1581d ago

Agree with the DLNA support. I was able to get some streaming done with Plex on their website, but it is so inconsistent that it's easier for me to put files on an ex-HDD and plug it into my TV.

DeadRabbits1581d ago

My Launch Day PS4 just packed it in................... O_o

Meatyboy1581d ago

Yeah same here although i got mine for Christmas. A couple of days ago it overheated and destroyed the disk inside. Im still trying to get it replaced and they won't replace the disk. Id say thats a thing that annoys me about my ps4

Meatyboy1581d ago

Why am i getting downvotes for saying my ps4 broke?

Funky Town_TX1581d ago

Because you said it broke. You are not allowed to say a ps4 broke.

ZodTheRipper1581d ago

You're not getting downvoted, you are getting disagrees. Probably from people that disagree because their PS4 is working perfectly.

respekanize911581d ago

does your system turn on at all..mine was clicking then wouldnt power on..i kept it unplugged for a day, plugged it in..powered it on and hit the disc eject button and it popped out a little but i was able to grab the disc..

sprinterboy1581d ago

My nephew broke his ps4 and sony sent a new one via courier within 24hrs. Excellent customer service

Meatyboy1581d ago

It didn't do a clicky sound it just got very hot and bust then i could only play for about 5 mins before it did it again and it wouldn't recognize the disk. Was cool before it broke tho but i cant afford another lol

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respekanize911581d ago

mine "passed" last a new one from gamestop already..this one is way quieter then the other one...knew something was wrong with my first one

WeAreLegion1581d ago

Well, since the author is doing the password thing wrong, I'll replace that complaint with not being able to play the games you download on another account. That was a huge selling point for digital downloads.

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