Team Fortress 2 has implemented an Update

SteamFirst: Steam fan favorite Team Fortress 2 has just released a new update. When you reboot your game the update will be implemented. Within you will find all of the changes / fixes that are included in this update. Enjoy.

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ATi_Elite1548d ago

Team Fortress 2 has implemented an Update!

OMG stop the WORLD, close the Banks, and cancel the Super Bowl!


Team Fortress 2 only has issued about 300 updates as it is CLEARLY the most supported game EVER!

The joke is if you turn on your PC and TF2 is not updating, something is wrong with your Internet! lol

SteamFirst1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

True, but those diehards want to know specifics. We must have the details for the community.

ATi_Elite1545d ago

Details = hats! lol

just kidding, yeh I too wanna know details as I'm sure it changes balance or gameplay.

TF2 is the game you just never stop playing.