The 10 Most Disappointing Games of 2013

Paste Magazine--No one sets out to make a bad video game, but as with any other creative industry, for every brilliant flash, there are dozens of duds. Paste looks at the biggest duds of 2013.

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JasonXS121518d ago

I think the title is incorrect in that the list contains more games that are disappointing but it does contain games that are just down right should be in "the worst games of".

Disappointing to me means that the game had promise before release and a few of the games had no promise to begin with, Infestation Suvivor Stories (WarZ) and Ride to Hell Retribution fit the worst games of.

Matt6661518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

What?! Beyond two souls is an amazing game, its grabs your attention and it's quite emotional. Also Battlefield 4 is good but not amazing (well it will be when they finally fix all the issues). Furthermore I noticed how COD:Ghosts wasn't on the list, if anything COD:Ghosts should be at number one because of the copy and paste effect and the lack of a next gen engine.

skoorydook1518d ago

Everyone should read the Fighter Within review the list sends you too, pretty funny

iceman13461518d ago

Beyond two souls was amazing in every possible way...

OMNlPOTENT1518d ago

a lot of people want gameplay in their video games.

carlingtat1518d ago

I'm sure thats why it got all those GOTY awards.

Goro1518d ago

No Aliens Colonial Marines?

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