The best theories for Nintendo's salvation (that actually make no sense)

GamesRadar - The games press (along with mainstream media outlets) have been saying this a lot lately, but I’ll repeat it for the totally oblivious: Nintendo is currently facing one of its worst financial periods in company history. The Big N is posting its third yearly loss in a row, mainly thanks to the Wii U’s lack of sales momentum. This has led some professional analysts and other writers to make some wide-ranging plans about Nintendo’s possible survival. And almost all of them are insanely, stupidly wrong.

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CouldHaveYelledUiiW1578d ago

You should READ this...
-I would love to read your counter-arguments.

DC7771577d ago

Hire the guys from Geico.

cyguration1577d ago

WOW. Great article. Well-written. Great counter-points.

Thank you for not being idiots like the rest of gaming media!

maniacmayhem1577d ago

What an EXCELLENT article. And so right on every point...GamesRadar??

The part about Nintendo moving to mobile phones was true, the market on mobile is just as risky as console development. Sure the dev cost is lower but you have to compete with a HUGE amount of other games and there is no guarantee that your game will be successful.

BigDuo1577d ago

I love it when people make suggestions about what Nintendo should do, but don't even think about the potential consequences of taking such an action.

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