Freedom Wars set for "Simultaneous" Release in Japan & Asia

SCE Worldwide Studios producer Junichi Yoshizawa announced that the upcoming Freedom Wars will see a mutual release in both Japanese and Asian territories in 2014.

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dedicatedtogamers977d ago (Edited 977d ago )

Hmmm, "Asian" versions usually have English subs and the option for english menus. Might have to import (that's what a lot of people did for Demon's Souls).

admiralvic977d ago

"Hmmm, "Asian" versions usually have English subs and the option for english menus."

Since when? Almost all "asian" versions are just the Japanese version in a different box. In fact, it isn't uncommon for DLC downloaded from the Hong Kong PSN store to work with the Japanese version and vice versa.

With that being said, you would be a fool to import this game. Since it's for the Vita, you'll need a Japanese or Asian account on the system to actually download any DLC. Also since it is released by Sony, there is a good chance the US will get it down the road.

nope111977d ago

Just wait it out. I bet my left eye it'll come to the west.

Inception977d ago

You should check the article, because the producer already said it's only contain japanese & chinese language. But i'm 100% sure Freedom Wars will get localize for the west.

jukins977d ago

Technically yes but most Japanese consider japan an island nation separate from the continent of Asia itself.

Langkasuka977d ago

Almost. It's pretty cheeky of the Japanese. Think of it as how UK sees itself from the rest of Europe, lol.

Pintheshadows977d ago

In our heads we still dress like the cast of Zulu and drink tea out of fine bone china.

WeAreLegion977d ago

Need it to come stateside.

killerluffy123976d ago (Edited 976d ago )

Asian version means its japanese voice plus english subtitles , its been proved in the Taipei game show video !!!