Is Infamous: Second Son The Most Anticipated PS4 Game?

IGN - Alex and Daniel discuss their first experience of playing Infamous: Second Son.

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KingKelloggTheWH1637d ago

I wouldn't doubt it, the game looks completely spectacular.

GrizzliS19871636d ago

geeks dont like a character that isnt geeky or downright shy or quiet. Cool for majority of gamers is hard to relate to.

Youre that basement, lights turned off, away from society types, and somehow judging a character that is completely different from you, because you hate the stereotype he represents due to personal reasons you experienced in real life.

Take a second and realize youre judging a made up game character lol who cares what he is. Why cant he be cocky? if i got super powers, id feel like a god. Real life isnt movies, i dont want to be a hero, i might help a few people but i would also rob a bank, cash in and live like a god for the rest of my days.

id kill who i want whenever i want without sacrificing my moral character. Realistically, i would punish those who deserve it without always saving those in need.

This character is real, take Chronicle for example. You got some powers, and for a time being you are realizing you are the shi7! where you take those powers is up to you, as implicated by the games design to either do good or do bad.

you dont like the character? get over it. he probably wouldnt like your geeky ass either

erathaol1636d ago

I believe it is, from the way people have been talking about that game, it seems to have captivated a significant audience. As it looks to be a fun sandbox superhero game.

NeoTribe1635d ago

Grizzli, you need to lay off the anti depressants.

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Eonjay1636d ago

Agreed but I don't understand why they have the game at their office but refuse to do direct capture.

bennissimo1636d ago

But, isn't this also a dig at the PS4's 2014 lineup?

I mean, what else does the PS4 have on tap this year, if not for Second Son?

GarrusVakarian1636d ago

Nothing else. It ONLY has second Son, there are no other exclusives, no multiplats and no indies coming out for the entirety of 2014.


BluEx6101636d ago

I'm looking forward to Driveclub, MLB The Show, The Order 1886, Uncharted and Deep Down. Also don't forget about the Indies, RIME, Everybody Gone to the Rapture, Shadow Beast, N++, Hotline Miami 2 etc...

And hey Outlast is free next month... Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to playing Titanfall.... On my PC....

I like how people claim no games, both consoles got a decent line up, but personally I prefer PS4's lineup. My 360 been collecting dust, and that made me a little cautious about the XB1(Can you blame me?) I do hope MS steps up their game library for XB1.

scott1821637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

I love how the game looks, Very, very realistic.

I just don't like how the main character looks and acts for some reason. I hate to be critical about such a trivial thing.

MestreRothN4G1636d ago

The majority of us don't like him. I still have faith as the character may grow during the story...

Otherwise, I'll have pleasure letting him die sometimes.

ABeastNamedTariq1636d ago

Oh, so you're the majority now? Lol okay.

ZeoN1636d ago

You're not the majority. Stop that bs

mike32UK1636d ago

What's not to like? He's not the typical dark haired, rugged, gun toting character we usually see at the helm of games. Which I for one think is a fantastic thing. He's more relatable, I think he acts the way most people would if they figured out they had these powers!


Exactly what I was about to

They character "relates" which is a smart move, and it is something a little different.

RadioActiveTwinky1636d ago

Isnt the game based around choice as well? Meaning like you can determine how and why the citizens react to you. Similar to Infamous 1?

mike32UK1636d ago

Yeah the choice element is definitely still there, I think he meant more how the character comes across in cut scenes. I really like him though, slightly cocky and young personality which could make for some very interesting plot progression

KillrateOmega1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Personally, I love the new character.

Just like mike32UK said, Delsin is something different from what we usually see. He is not the atypical, broody action hero driven by revenge. He is young, modern, and sees his power as a blessing and has fun with them.

He is what the modern person would most likely be like if they gained superpowers. He is relatable.

Sizzon1637d ago

As an exclusive game, yes I think so :)


I agree, as a ps4 exclusive, yes this is the most anticipated ps4 game. Then you have the order, then deep down.

Yep1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Should be. Looking like the most promising game in Sony's 2014 line-up so far.

Han_Nolo1636d ago

I don't want to take anything away from InFAMOUS: Second Son, but it is the most anticipated game because of lack of other releases.

GarrusVakarian1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

If it didn't have 2 great previous releases before it, i could understand your point. But people who have played the others know this is going to be great, that's why it's so anticipated.

Han_Nolo1636d ago

No, no, that's why I didn't want to detract anything from InFAMOUS' track record. I've played the previous two outings, loved them, and I'm very much anticipating Second Son. I only own a PS4, so trust me, my comment came from a position of "I've been playing AC4 and FIFA 14 since launch...where are the games?"

See what I mean?

hankmoody1636d ago

That you have a PS4 and you're actually admitting this gets you much respect. Bubble.

jagstatboy1636d ago

You're exactly right, and it's the reason I haven't bought a PS4 yet.

GarrusVakarian1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

", my comment came from a position of "I've been playing AC4 and FIFA 14 since launch...where are the games?"

See what I mean?"

Oh yeah, i can totally get that point. You can only play what appeals to you, and if only a few games appeal to you then it can seem like there isn't much to play.

But for someone like myself who has been playing more than just 2 games and hasn't really felt the next gen drought as much (i say as much because i have still somewhat felt it), im anticipating this more based on the previous 2 games, not because i have nothing to play.

If you are talking strictly from an EXCLUSIVE PS4 game perspective though....then yes i completely agree with you. Driveclub being a launch game would have really helped, but this is Sony after not worried about lack of exclusives lol. I'll be swimming in them in a couple of years.

Han_Nolo1636d ago

Like I said, I agree with you. I was merely using those two games as an example, although I do play a lot more than that.

Either way, I can see all of the games on the horizon that I'll be picking up. MGS: Ground Zeroes, Second Son, The Order 1866, The Witcher 3 (my personal fav upcoming game). I'm not overly concerned with console exclusives, but I do want more options when it comes to games that cater to my demographic, so to speak.

To be totally honest, and quite off topic, I'm much more concerned with the lack of DLNA support at this point.

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