Yes, Technical Details Are Important In Video Games

Kotaku - In the world of video game enthusiasts, there are a significant number of people who care a great deal about graphics and resolutions.P

This group sometimes comes across as obsessive, almost rabid about their hobby, to the point where a couple of vague tweets and rumors can trigger a scandal, or a -Gate. Take ResolutionGate, the dramatic controversy that was triggered in October because a few games had higher resolutions on one of the two big next-gen consoles that came out a few weeks later.

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Eonjay1637d ago

In the case of Tomb Raider: I believe that 60 vs 30 is a big deal. The human eye is more than capable of telling the difference. Framerate fluidity is important to the overall flow of the experience itself. It adds to the suspension of disbelief because movement seems more natural. While it isn't necessary to enjoy the game, it definitely enhances the quality. No one is going to argue that a higher framerate diminishes an experience.

Flo-con1637d ago

Thanks for not being one of those people who still think the eye sees 24 frames per second... -.-
As if the eye saw separated frames...

Volkama1637d ago

30 vs 60 is probably an exaggeration, as if Crystal Dynamics are to be believed those are the minimum and maximum respectively, with neither console locked.

It is a clear disparity, but having the same content keeps the One in touching distance of the PS4 so it can still set itself apart in positive ways if any of Microsoft's big bets come off (cloud compute, kinect).

MasterCornholio1637d ago

Of course they are. I didn't buy a next gen console to play games at 720P at 30FPS. It was about time for an upgrade.

KonsoruMasuta1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

I think it depends on what the game has to offer.

For example, say if there was a next gen RPG and the developers wanted a large world that you can fully interact with, with numerous interiors, lots of content and up to date animations. If developers had to lock the game a 30 fps and 720p to achieve something with a massive scope and great ambitions, I wouldn't care.

But a port of a last gen game, like Tomb Raider, better give me reasons to buy it again. I think that's where the improved frame rate and resolution would be great.
I also would expect it from games that don't have as big of a scope. If your game has linear worlds and no real reason holding it back from achieving 1080p and 60fps, it wouldn't make sense if you didn't add the extra gravy.

Irishguy951637d ago

"Port of a last gen game"

Is somewhat misleading. TR was on PC and on PC it had the quality of a next gen game.

johny51637d ago

I do believe better technical specs are important when a company releases a new system then expects consumers to pay a few hundred for and then releases a game and charges full retail price even though it's from the previous generation or am I wrong?

angelsx1637d ago

If Battlefield 4 (ps4) can reach 1080p upscaled anyway and 60fps can't see reason why any ather game can't do it.64 players in massive battles with vehicles and all this in multiplayer no singleplayer.

Kennytaur1637d ago

Not to hate on BF4, I really like the MP and have had very few problems... But;

Upscaling doesn't matter, a Wii U runs all games (even old Wii ones) upscaled to 1080p. Mario Galaxy still renders at less than 480p. BF4 is 1600x900p. This is a decent resolution in my opinion and is acceptable as the new sub-720p.

It's maxed at 60FPS, but it doesn't stay stably there at all. It moves continually about and probably averages around 50.

I think BF4 performs really well, but don't pretend it hits the so called "gold standard".

It's best to just accept a stable 30FPS @ 1080p as the norm for the new consoles, and be happy whenever a game does better.

_QQ_1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Now it matters? 60fps for a port is expected, will people still say this when witcher 3 runs at 30fps? just wondering, if you don't care thats fine with me, just don't act like you do when its convenient.,or pretend like you don't when it isn't.

jessupj1637d ago

Nobody said 30fps was bad. At least not the level headed gamers. 30fps is perfectly playable for most games and I won't mind too much if W3 is 30fps.

But if given the choice I will always pick 60 over 30.

We weren't saying 30 is bad, we were just pointing out the significant performance gap in Tomb Raider in the hopes that apologists would stop living in denial and accept the fact the PS4 is noticeably more powerful than the xbone.

Software_Lover1637d ago

The ps4 is more powerful. People have accepted that. There is also a big difference in the architecture.

My complaint is this. Last week everyone was waiting on this to hit the bargain bin or just not buying it again for 60.00. Now all of a sudden........................ EVERYONE CANT WAIT TO PICK UP THEIR PRE-ORDER! WTF

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